What I Offer


Through my services, I aim to empower others to make an impact. I do so by sharing the knowledge, experience and learning I have been developing for the past 10+ years of ongoing practice.
As a flexible multidisciplinary professional, empathetic guide and skilled communicator, the way I engage with my clients and partners depends on their needs and that of their audience. Whether you are looking for a speaker, facilitator, coach, advisor, board member or [insert your need here], I’m happy to chat!

Public Speaking

Online or offline I am an energetic communicator skilled at creating a warm and friendly atmosphere while chairing or speaking at events.

Recent noteworthy appearances include:
Global Socio-Economic Forum 2020& 2021, High-Level Policy Conference of the European Union Sustainability Energy Week 2021, Bled Strategic Forum 2019, ECT 2019, NECSTouR 2021, GSTC 2021

Topics: Social Economy, Sustainability, Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Tourism transformation


Coaching, Consulting, Judging, Advising

From coaching, consulting and advising to judging and mentoring, I love to share my learning and experience and to be a sparing partners for individuals and teams at all stages of their impact journey.

Partners and clients include:
Ashoka, UN, Enactus, TBS Business School, Science Po

Topics: Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Digitalisation, Digital Innovation, Business and Impact Modeling, Marketing, Communication, Strategy


Workshop Facilitation and trainings

Whether online and offline, I love to develop and host trainings and workshop sessions ranging from 90 minutes to several days.

Partners and clients include:
Ashoka, Euclid Network, European Commission, Toulouse Business School, Wake Forest University, Invitalia

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, (Eco)System thinking and practice, Sustainable Tourism, Digitalization


Pitch me, you are saying?

As a founder living to make an impact, I understand the challenges you and your organisation or audience are facing.

 On one hand, my scientific and business background and my superpowers in marketing, communication, strategy and (digital) innovation can help you bring business acumen, growth strategy and data-driven innovation and decision making to your social project.

On the other hand, my personal mission to make the world a more just and sustainable place, my experience and training as a social innovator, and my understanding of what it takes to run and business and bring a product or service to market are ideal tools for me to help you create an impact with your business locally or at scale.

 I speak and breathe the languages of business, sustainability, digitalisation and social innovation and am looking to help you exceed your objectives by making it easier for you, your team, students or your audience to balance money, wellbeing and impact.

How do You Know I Am the Right Fit for You?

  • I’m a doer, the knowledge I share is informed from experience
  • I am also an avid lifelong learner always working to expand my knowledge and skillset
  • I am “an attentive listener” who places empathy and impact at the core of everything I do
  • I am “creative and multidisciplinary entrepreneur” with  a broad range of skills and knowledge (entrepreneurship, innovation, strategy, communication, marketing, tech, digitalisation,..)
  • I’m known to be a skilled and cheerful communicator who “delivers face to face or online with the same energy and kindness” and “demonstrates remarkable cultural adaptability”
  • My “ability to connect with people, make them feel included and heard”  is at the core of everything
  • And people say I’m great at “mak[ing] work fun”
*the “quoted texts” above is extracted from clients and peers feedback

    A data-driven empathetic systems thinker

    As a trained biologist and a systems thinker, I believe that everything is connected, and nothing exists in isolation.

    For this reason, I seek to look at all challenges with a holistic lens, whether we’re talking about unlocking your potential, making your vision a reality, increasing your sales, your wellbeing or growing your impact.
    I also believe that we can understand and improve only what we measure and analyse. I always advocate for data-focused decision-making and seek to demystify the collection and analysis of the data that will truly empower you to reach your objectives.

    Finally, whether through advising, coaching, speaking or teaching, I am committed to delivering truly purposeful feedback: that is, feedback that is specific, timely and compassionate.

    Coaching Services

    Taylored Private Coaching Sessions

    Intensive 1 on 1

    What: 1 or 2 full-days of individual coaching followed with a follow-up call one week later and 6 months later.

    Objective: Walk away with solid action steps and strategies you can implement immediately in your organisation.

    Best if: You need focused help and feedback. Want punctual assessment, help and questioning from a tier. Do not need support or accountability partner

    FREE Consultation

    Package price on request

    Continuous 1 on 1

    What: 8 weeks program made of fortnightly 90 minutes calls and twice-a-week written check-ins
    Objective:  To reach a dedicated objective or milestone with the help of a sounding board and accountability partner
    Best if: You are facing a roadblock, or working towards your next big milestone

    FREE Consultation

     Package price on request

    1 to 1 Coaching Package

    What: 6 months or 1 year tailored one on one coaching delivered through fortnightly calls

    Objective: Saving time, money and energy, stay focus and continuously make progress towards your goal
    Best if: You want to unlock your full potential

    FREE Consultation

     Package price on request

    Partners and Testimonials

    Together, we’re making an impact!

    Valeria is one of the best workshops facilitators I’ve ever worked with. She invents motivating, intelligent challenges full of sense, she delivers face to face or online with the same energy and kindness.”

    Sebastien Bauer

    Program director, Social Innovation & Change, Professor of Entrepreneurship, TBS Business School, Barcelona (Spain)

    I had an opportunity to work with Valeria when our program was selected by Zero Project for the impact transfer. The project lasted for 6 months. She was our mentor. She was so committed. We had fortnightly meetings to check on the progress. Her inputs on the business model, impact model, and transfer model were very good and worth mentioning. Finally, she helped improved our project presentation and the process that brought out the strength of the program and simplified the impact transfer process. We felt comfortable and enjoyed working with her on this project. We hope others benefit from her skills too.

    Ramesh Duraikannan

    Program manager - College Connect, Youth4Jobs Foundation, Hyderabad (India)

    Valeria and I have worked together methodically over the last few months and she has been a wonderful coach, supporting me during a difficult and uncertain life & career transition. What distinguishes Valeria is her great ability to switch between different approaches in order to not only help me explore, clarify and order my own thoughts but to also help me build a solid plan of action to propel me forward in my transition. She is an active and empathetic listener, knowing when to intervene and ask the right question or make a subtle suggestion that will allow me to overcome any obstacles or unhelpful thought patterns and to unlock my potential. I would highly recommend working with Valeria if you would like a bright, intelligent, experienced and friendly coach who can guide you pragmatically, in a flexible yet structured way, through life’s uncertainties and big decisions!

    Margarita Maniati

    Social Innovation Consultant, Athens (Greece)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Learn How it Works!

    Are you open to collaborations?

    Of course! You can learn more about my interests and philosophy here and discover some of the projects I am engaged in here.
    Do feel free to send me a note to discuss what you have in mind.

    Coaching, mentoring, workshop facilitation, speaking, teach and more.
    You can find a list of the services I offer here.
    Feel free to reach out if you have an idea that is not on this list and would like to explore if and how I can help.

    Asides from working on my own projects, I dedicate some of my time to supporting others to make an impact and live a meaningful and fulfilling life.

    One of the ways I do so is by sharing my personal and professional learning and insights.

    Coaching, workshop facilitation and public speaking are some of my favourite ways to empower others but I'm highly adaptable, creative and love innovation.

    Do feel free to drop me a line if you have something in mind that you'd like to explore together!


    Of course. I love to design and facilitate programs that help you and your audience meet your objectives.

    Get in touch with me to explore how we could work together.


    Yes, please. I love to share my experience and learning.

    Get in touch with me to explore how we could work together.


    Both. It all depends on what's the most adapted to meeting your objectives and the needs of your target audience.

    Feel free to reach out to me to discuss how I could help. You can also read some testimonials about my work to give yourself an idea of how it is to hire me.

    DO YOU ENGAGE IN 1 ON 1 coaching or advising?

    Absolutely. I love 1 on 1 coaching sessions!
    You can take a look at my coaching programs and reach out to me regarding specific advising needs.


    The content of my coaching programs is completely personalized to your need. The format can be either set or custom-crafted.

    My workshops content and formats are created based on or adapted to your objectives and that of your audience.

    On my testimonials page you can read feedback from coachees, mentees and students. 


    Are you open tO coaching or advising groups?

    Yes, absolutely. Let me know what you have in mind.


    Yes, I am. If this is the right fit, of course.

    Tell me more about what you have in mind here.


    Yes, I am. If this is the right fit, of course.

    Feel free to reach out to let me know what you have in mind.


    I can, yes. If the project is the right fit.

    Get in touch with me to explore how I could help you.


    Coaching: When I coach you, I am here to enable you to solve problems or change things for the better

    Consulting: When I am your consultant, I come as the "expert" who will solve your problem(s) for you

    How does coaching work?

    Depending on your needs, established during our first call, we will set up objectives and a frequency of video calls and potential other touchpoints to which we will commit and towards which we will work to bring you closer to your objectives.

    You can see 3 ways we could work together here.

    All our conversations and work together is strictly confidential.

    Reach out to me to jump on a first free 30 minutes exploration call.



    Yes, I can - if the help you need is part of the skills I excel at and something I feel like investing time on.
    Otherwise I will be happy to recommend someone from my network when possible.

    Please note that execution comes at an extra cost to all coaching and consulting programs.

    During coaching, will we focus only on work matters or also explore personaL QUESTIONS?

    This depends on you, your needs, objectives, focus, my ability to help and on how much time we will spend together.

    You can find my coaching programs here.

    I am not a therapist, mental health professional or social worker and my support in the personal realm will be limited to being a thought partner and helping you challenge some thought processes and habits.

    Personally, I do not believe in the separation between the personal and professional selves. I believe we are one person that evolves in several environments.

    As you know, taking care of the personal self has a huge impact on professional performance. Similarly, leading a fulfilling and balanced professional life is key to your overall wellbeing.

    Depending on your objectives, focus and how much time we will spend together, we will explore more or less complexity and touch on the leverages that will most advance you to get to your goals.

    where are you the most helpful?

    To get a sense of how it is to work with me, I invite you to visit my "testimonials" page.

    I am a great thought partner to help you imagine innovative solutions to your problems and devise your business, impact, marketing and communication strategies and models at all stages of your journey. My focus is data-driven and user-centric.

    I can also help you to concretely understand how to implement strategies by bringing a transversal mind and a diverse set of talents and experiences to your projects.

    My experience leveraging digital tech and media, community and ecosystem building, marketing and communication, stakeholder engagement and the principles and practice of social innovation and entrepreneurship, collaborative and distributed management, systems thinking and lean and agile methodologies are precious allies to help deliver on your targets.

    I invite you to read more about me, my projects and my services or to reach out to learn more.

    Let’s make an Impact together!

    Do you have a question? Would you like to talk? Don’t be shy. Reach out and send me a note to discuss how I can help you meet your objectives.
    I look forward to speaking with you. 

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