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I am on a mission to help enable everyone to live well, dream big and engage in building a balanced world where all forms of life thrive and belong.

Valeria Duflot

Inspiring and Enabling Purposeful Action

Valeria Duflot is an award-winning interdisciplinary leader, social entrepreneur, and advocate dedicated to creating a green and equitable world. For over 12 years, she’s been involved in building and advising ventures and ecosystems to deliver impact at scale. She co-started and -established Venezia Autentica and The Humming Tree.

With a unique track record, Valeria builds and supports strategies and cultures that empower stakeholders to tackle complex human challenges, turning ambitious visions into practical, human-centered solutions. Her expertise extends across various domains, from digital transformation and communication to social innovation, enabling her to drive transformational results and empower communities, even with limited resources.

As a future-forward entrepreneur, she leverages data, tech, storytelling, and community-driven systems thinking to create positive change. Her work is deeply integrated with brain and behavior sciences, making her uniquely positioned to drive impact through innovation. Beyond her role as an entrepreneur, Valeria is dedicated to supporting value-aligned ventures and leaders. As a skilled and empathetic communicator, she serves as an educator, advocate, and advisor, offering engaging and inspiring learning and leadership experiences both in person and remotely. Valeria is also available as a consultant and on-demand leader, delivering leadership experiences tailored to clients’ unique needs. 

Valeria’s unshakable commitment to empathy, equity, and curiosity guides her journey as she seeks to build a more compassionate and sustainable future for all. Her work is marked by her dedication to breaking down barriers, fostering trust, and creating spaces for connection and understanding, all while promoting a sense of joy, wellbeing, and enabling individual and collective action.


Inspiring and Empowering

Inspiring and empowering audiences through speaking, moderating, and training



Guiding organizations and leaders through consulting, advising, coaching, and mentoring



Taking the lead on innovative initiatives – either as a founder or on-demand executive and venture builder (EIR) – to drive results and empower stakeholders

Insights and Creativity that drive impact and results

A warm, future-forward, result-driven advocate, community-builder, and entrepreneur, Valeria has been using her creativity, words, and her ability to connect people and ideas as levers to inspire and enable individual and collective action for nearly two decades.

Deeply committed to both practicing innovation for the common good and disseminating her knowledge, she provides strategic support and insights, empathetic guidance, and practical tools to individuals, institutions, and organizations dedicated to effecting positive change. She is devoted to empowering change agents of all kinds, fostering personal and organizational growth and well-being, and driving purpose-driven transformation.

Valeria’s goal is to create lasting value and bring a smile with every hat she wears. Ready to reach your next level of impact? Explore Valeria’s services today.

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Want to reach your next level of impact?

You’re Not Alone. And Valeria’s Here to Help!

Dreaming Big and Making an Impact Can Be Hard and Lonely, but It Doesn’t Have To Be.

In today’s fast-paced world, smart leaders and organizations grapple with the pressing need for purposeful future-forward strategies and cultures that cultivate creativity, inclusion, well-being, and remarkable results. Adapting to this evolving landscape is challenging, and you don’t have to do it alone.

Valeria Duflot speaking in Greece

Rooted in Practice

Valeria is a practitioner. The advice and insights she shares are grounded in experiences and a commitment to staying at the forefront of rapid change.

Her track record includes: two community-based social enterprises that became leaders in their respective niches within their first two years of operation, inspiring new practices and mindsets around the world; brands that inspired trust and engaged stakeholders from consumers and institutional partners to top-tier media; physical and digital platforms that delighted consumers and users while providing market access to creative entrepreneurs and redirecting millions of euros towards a more local, sustainable, and social economy; hundreds of events and experiences that connected people to themselves and each other, making it to Rolling Stone and the cover story of National Geographic; engaging campaigns and stories that reached a distributed global audience of over 100 million; countless hours spent sharing knowledge and building capabilities to enable public policies, business practices, and organizational strategies that can deliver transformative change; consulting and advising for MSMEs to Fortune 500s; numerous collaborations and trusted relationships with leaders from grassroots to leading international organizations; and regular appearances in print and broadcast media, as well as on stages around the world.

More importantly, she made more mistakes than she can count, built more diverse and meaningful friendships than she would have ever thought possible, and learnt the power of fearlessly being our most authentic selves, finding courage in our vulnerabilities and relationships to unlock our purpose, embrace our true selves and step into our true power, both as people and as leaders.

Valeria Duflot speaking in Greece
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Success Stories

"Valeria is one of the best workshops facilitators I’ve ever worked with. She invents motivating, intelligent challenges full of sense, she delivers face to face or online with the same energy and kindness."

Sebastien Bauer, TBS, Entrepreneurship Program Director

"Valeria is an excellent social entrepreneur and systems innovator... She is an exceptional communicator with great patience and empathy to support us in framing our scaling strategy and public speaking competencies."

Sarah Gavra Boland, Social Enterprise Program Lead

"She is undoubtedly one of the most exciting entrepreneurs and managers I have ever met"

Elik ALMOG, Social Entrepreneur & CEO


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Dive into Valeria's impactful leadership portfolio, spanning transformative ventures, strategic advocacy and advisory roles, and pioneering initiatives.

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Discover Valeria's personalized services, spanning speaking, advising, training, and on-demand leadership roles and explore how they can support your path to success. 

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