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Here’s a bit about me.


I’m a curious 30 something who was born and grew up in France. Since I can remember, I see myself trying to find solutions to problems around me, and identifying unmet needs or demands.

With time passing, my drive to try and positively impact the world became more and more obvious to me.

Experiences working and volunteering in various fields, locations and settings, the pursuit of  personal or shared initiatives, the development of an online presence and of local communities in several areas, but most of all key interactions with successful people who are changing the world their way (Ruchi Dass, James MathewsAnu AcharyaDr. Homero Rivas..) and were seeing potential in me, achieved to give me the strength to focus always more on developing my potential as a social entrepreneur, ditching the comfort of payrolls even with MBA debts left to pay.

After consulting in the (digital) health industry and since 2014, I’ve conducted extensive researches and worked on several projects in my fields of interest: health tech, mental health, innovation, entrepreneurs support, social and cultural development.

I co-started and co-run The Humming Tree, in Bangalore, for the first year of operations and helped to make it a national reference in the support of creative entrepreneurs and beyond.

More recently, I co-founded Venezia Autentica, a social business aiming at helping the locals of the touristy Venice stay in their city while mass tourism is displacing many and threatening the survival of hundred years old culture, lifestyle, heritage and people.

I’ve hosted, (co)-organised and curated numerous events and festivals in the field of tech, innovation, performance arts, and entrepreneurship.

In December 2017, The Local listed me as one of the 7 most inspiring people of the year and my work has been featured in publications and media such as Forbes, Rolling Stones, BBC, Arte, Slate.fr, Conde Nast Traveler, and more.

I’m tech-savvy, have a knack for digital marketing and branding, a thirst for learning and an outgoing attitude. My nature makes me keep on top of trends, see the big picture and not be afraid to think big (I’m trying to save a city, remember?). I’m also a team player, reputed to make groups deliver more than the sum of their individuals would and I like to feel useful. For this reason, I have been providing many ‘pro-bono’ recommendations to entrepreneurs of all kinds across the years and find myself currently contemplating the idea to join a non-for-profit board in order to learn and help more.

I’ve been living with Chronic Migraines since I’m 12 and got very acquainted with several mental health disorders through close personal relationships with patients around me throughout the years.
I constantly try and advocate against the stigma neuro and mental health patients are dealing with and for more neuro and mental wellness oriented mindsets, systems and societies.

I share my time between Venice and Paris. I’m fluent in French, English, and Italian and lived in France, India, Italy and for a short period of time in Thailand and the US. I’m well-traveled and proud of my family background which is as French as it is Malagasy.

I hold degrees in Health and Biology (major in Neurosciences), as well as in Business, even though I am a firm adept of the ‘learning by doing’ attitude and that the people who taught me the most are, without a doubt, other entrepreneurs and individuals, of any stages and walks of life.

  •  Name: Valeria Duflot
  •  Email: valeriaduflot@gmail.com
  •  Twitter: @duflotvaleria
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The Media recognition my work has received 

180Events Organised in the fields of innovation, tech, startups, performance arts and hospitality
15Festivals and fundraisers focused on social challenges or innovation organised
5Ventures: 3 Entrepreneurial experiences, 2 interrupted start up projects
500Est. Entrepreneurs, Activists and Artists directly impacted (events attendees excluded)

Some of the things I am into

Impacftul Innovation

The world is full of challenges and unmet needs. I’m passionate about finding and/or hearing about new business models, tech, design, and application to tackle them.

Health, Social Justice & Sustainabilty

How unlikely was it that our planet with all its wonders even existed? I believe our duty is to make sure that we make the world a better place. Dreaming? Not so much. Ever heard of social entrepreneurs?

Tech & Digital

Mobile, Digital, AI, Blockchains and alternatives, Big data, IOTs… We’re at a corner of our history with so many powerful (upcoming) tools enabling or poised to enable the wildest of our ideas and dreams. This is an amazing time to be ambitious!

6Industries' experience
20Countries visited
3Fluent Languages
40000Cumulated Followers

What drives me

Innovate and Create Solutions
Support other innovators, Artists and Entrepreneurs

Venezia Autentica

Venezia Autentica is an impact-driven startup which leverages digital media & tech as well as cultural tourism to increase the retention of tourism revenue in urban destinations while improving visitors’ experience.

We do so to halt the impoverishment and displacement of the local residents and consequently preserve unique cultures, heritages, and ways of life. We are currently piloting and active in Venice, Italy, the poster child of the problems created by overtourism.

Concretely, we make it easy and fun for visitors to have an authentic experience of their destination while making a positive impact on the local community they visit, mainly by supporting vetted local businesses and associations.

Our work and expertise have been featured over 60 times in major international publications such as BBC, ABC, National Geographic Traveler, Arte TV, Conde Nast Traveler and more.

Most inspiring people
The Local interviewed in 2017

Consulting and advising

Looking for an expert/advisor/consultant, a guest lecturer or speaker?
I can help!

Your objective: To digitalize and market your business, to build a reputation and presence online and create new opportunities leveraging digital technologies and new media

Your objective: To increase your impact and productivity by defining your vision, creating a realistic roadmap, brainstorming on your business and impact model, building efficient processes and routine

Your objective: To inspire, educate and challenge an audience around topics such as social impact businesses, sustainability, innovation & tech for social and environmental change, on one hand, tourism innovation and marketing & communication for innovative and impactful initiatives, especially in the digital space, on the other hand.

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I’m dedicated to sharing knowledge and experience as well as to help people the best
I can in my field of interests and/or competences (I’m a fast learner).

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