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Valeria partners with today’s and tomorrow’s leaders to integrate impact at the heart of everything they do. With 13 years of experience envisioning and delivering impact as a founder and leadership guide, she supports and challenges bold leaders and their teams to turn commitments into transformative results and outcomes

Valeria Caroline Sebastian

Unlock Your Potential to Create Transformational Impact 

Are you committed to leveraging the resources and reach of your institution to create a positive impact on people and the planet? Are you seeking a partner to help support and challenge you and your team in dreaming and acting big? 

Valeria works with you and your team to guide you in envisioning and building a new and daring future where you lead with purpose and achieve transformative outcomes that benefit all stakeholders, and align value with values. Building on her experience founding and guiding ventures at all stages of impact and across issues, sectors, and business models, Valeria helps you embed purpose in everything you do.


Transforming Purpose, Goals, and Value

Be supported and challenged to envision and enact a future where your institution’s positive contribution to this world is bolder and greater than you have ever imagined


Transforming People and Culture

Unlock the power of your organisation to transform people’s lives and be transformed by your people – both your teams and customers – to stay at the forefront of inclusive change


Transforming Practices and Policies

Embedding impact at the core of your organisation takes deep work. New ambitions require new practices and policies. Through your partnership with Valeria, you are supported and challenged to constantly imagine and learn, staying at the leading edge of innovation

Collaborative Engagement Tailored to YOU and YOUR Goals

Partner with Valeria for tailor-made engagements that deliver outsized impact and adapt to your needs.

Whether as an advisor or part-time or short-term executive, Valeria acts as a partner to help you spearhead and scale future-forward initiatives that build trust, achieve results and positively impact people, places, and the planet. She can step in as a Co-CEO or an executive focused on driving Innovation, Strategy, Impact, Sustainability, and Partnerships.

 Start a conversation with Valeria to explore a partnership and leverage her diverse background in the way best suited to your need and that of your organisation.

Fractional: Part-Time Leadership Commitment

Engage Valeria as a fractional leader. In this capacity, she works part-time in a leadership role, fully integrated with the team and representing the organisation. The only difference between engaging Valeria in a fractional capacity rather than a more traditional relationship is that she works part-time to deliver outstanding results!

Interim: Short-Term Leadership Commitment

Work with Valeria for interim leadership roles. In this capacity, she provides temporary leadership solutions, seamlessly integrating with your team and representing your organisation. Engaging Valeria in an interim capacity offers flexibility and expertise without the long-term commitment.

Outcome-Focused Consulting

Explore working with Valeria as a consultant. In this capacity, Valeria works independently towards outcomes without being embedded with the team or representing the organisation.

Board and Advisory Roles

Engage Valeria for ad-hoc or regular insights and guidance in board and advisory roles, contributing strategic direction to drive impact, build trust, and shape the future. In these roles, she provides advice and oversight and is not involved in executive functions.

 Who is it for?

 To maximise the potential for transformative impact, Valeria’s work is focused on outcomes and limited to a restricted number of value-aligned partners at any given time. She is sector and industry agnostic and commited to partnerships that can create true magic and outstanding results. Here are some of the criteria she is looking for in a potential match with public, private and citizen sector leaders: 

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Potential for large-scale impact (International Scope or Large reach)

Ambitions to be a true leader and embed impact in everything they do

Commitment to transformation, innovation and experimentation

Readiness (Available resources and Internal Buy-in)

Value and Outcome-driven Relationships

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Why Valeria?

With over 12 years of hands-on experience building impact-driven ventures and ecosystems from scratch, and guiding leaders to reach their next level of impact, Valeria understands what it takes to navigate complexity and turn bold visions into outstanding impact. She is profoundly empathetic and imaginative, equipped with future-ready skills and mindsets, and experienced across issues, cultures, scopes, and business models. She stimulates blue-sky thinking, builds inclusive and empowering cultures, and transfers strategic and operational expertise grounded in real-world applications, enabling bold ambitions and  transformative sustainable outcomes. Valeria’s extensive hands-on experience in launching and advising impactful projects, her dedication to driving change, and her wide network of proven innovators and leaders guarantee that you’ll gain transformative insights and cutting-edge perspectives. 

Value-Driven Future-Forward Strategist

Ambitious Human-Centered Innovator

Empathetic and Empowering Inclusive Leader

Committed People and Relationship Builder

Inspiring and Persuasive Communicator

Highlighted Expertises, Experiences and Focuses


Social Entrepreneurship and Business Model Innovation

Social and System Innovation, from Early Stage to Impact at Scale

Modelling, Inspiring, and Enabling Bold Dreams, Narratives, and Actions

Crafting and leading the execution of strategies, cultures, and operations that centre and promote inclusion and the wellbeing of individuals, communities, and society

Building a sense of belonging; Fostering Engagement, Agency, and Empowerment

Crafting and Implementing Future-Forward Impact, Business, Communication, and Digital Strategies

Evidence-based decision-making: Research, Data, Lean innovation, and Impact Measurement

Leverating Brain and Behaviour Sciences applied to strategies, design, management, and communications

Digital Transformation and Tech for Good

Storytelling, Communication, Marketing, PR, Branding

Building Trust and Mobilising Energy, Resources, and Talents

Enabling Productivity, Efficiency, and Self-Management

Building Communities, Platforms, Ecosystems, and Networks

Relationship Building, Multistakeholder Engagement, Stakeholder Empowerment, and Talent Development

Varied Industry and Issue Experiences

(Digital) Health and Wellness

Inclusion and Equity

Sciences, Technology, and Education

Sustainability and Energy

Economic Transformation & Empowerment

Tourism and Hospitality

Culture and Arts

Social Economy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

Neurosciences, Cognition, and Behavioural science

Design Principles

Aligning Values and Results; Unifying Conflicting Agendas

Unlocking the Power of Diversity 

Enabling Individual and Collective Action and Intelligence

Promoting Understanding, Empathy, Engagement, and Creativity

Leveraging Lean and Systemic Innovation

Leveraging (Tech-Enabled) Human-Centric Design

Fostering Mindset, Behavior, and Market Changes

Developing User and Community-Centered Strategies

Designing Empowering Ecosystems and Platforms

Centering Data-Driven and Evidence-Based Decision-Making

Designing for Large-Scale Impact

Leveraging Tech and Automation to Delight Users, Maximize Reach, Impact, and Decrease Costs

Areas of Focus

Economic Transformation

Inclusive and Sustainable Business

(Social) Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Sustainable and Regenerative Development

Digital Transformation

Systems Thinking and Practice

Individual and Collective Empowerment

Multistakeholder Engagement and Collaboration

Trust-Based Relationships and Communications

Mindset and Behavior Change

Market and Industry Transformation

Unleash Potential, Unlock Value

If you are committed to creating impact at scale and excited to work together with an innovator to engage in deep transformation, Valeria will be happy to explore partnering with you to unlock your institution’s unique potential for transformative impact, wherever you are starting from.

Valeria’s collaborative leadership is guided by her experience as an entrepreneur and commitment to integrity and the creation of long-term value. It prioritises listening attentively, purposefully asking questions, and diligently empowering others. Her insights are informed by her continuous learning across disciplines and cultures, involvement in diverse spheres, and her real-world experiences solving challenges and driving positive change.

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Challenges:

Tired of underwhelming one-size-fits-all approaches? Working with Valeria means engaging in a true partnership, where both sides are committed to a shared vision and engaged in a deep and dynamic relationship that works towards your distinctive aspirations and adapts to the changing context and needs of your organization.

Leverage Practical and Theoretical Expertise:

Partnering with Valeria means tapping into a rich pool of knowledge acquired through diverse avenues: from interdisciplinary studies to direct engagement with diverse stakeholders, and from firsthand involvement in building and guiding impact-focused narratives, initiatives, and ecosystems. This expertise spans local and global contexts, addressing a wide array of challenges, from the initial stages to achieving significant impact at scale

Innovate with Confidence:

Does innovation feel like a distant goal? Valeria works with you and your team to enable innovation, empowering your organization with the tools, support, and mindset needed to drive outstanding results and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Flexible Collaboration Models

Concerned about resource commitment? Choose from flexible engagement models, from short-term (Interim) to Part-time (Fractional) Leadership engagement, project-based consulting, or ad-hoc Advising, aligning with your needs and budget.

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Empowering Your Impact Journey

Whether you’re embarking on a new project or striving to elevate your impact to the next level, Valeria’s approach ensures that your venture harnesses the power of trust, becomes future-ready, and achieves extraordinary results.

F - Future-Ready

U - User-Centered

T - Trust-Based

U - Unique

R - Result-Driven

E - Empowering

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Promises and Guarantees

Committed to delivering transformative outcomes.

Customized Solutions

Your challenges are unique, so your solutions should be too. Valeria works with you to tailor every engagement to address your specific needs.

Tangible Results

With a focus on delivering measurable outcomes, Valeria ensures that her collaborative leadership leaves a lasting impact on your organization.

Flexible Collaboration

Your organization evolves, and so do Valeria’s engagement models. Benefit from flexible leadership without compromise.

Integrated Innovation

Innovation and transformation are not mere buzzwords but the agreed-upon objectives of partnering with Valeria. She collaborates with you to enable your institution to reach heights of impact you had not imagined before.

Curious to know more?

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Connect today to discuss your needs and aspirations and explore embarking with Valeria on a transformative journey.

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Success Stories

[Valeria] proactivity, positive leadership, and incredible capacity to build teams and facilitate them to achieve their goals make her a role model for this global network of social entrepreneurs!"

Susana Del Mar Ramirez

"Valeria is an inspiring person with a lot of positive energy. ..[She] connected with people, led the teamwork, and connected very different and diverse people to common challenges"

"Valeria is an energizer and an inspiring social entrepreneur. Valeria’s fascinating journey has led her to deal with challenging societal problems at a local and global level..., and as a brilliant entrepreneur, she builds and creates projects and solutions, takes different strategies –policy changing, grassroot works with the people and flips every stone to promote a solution."

"Valeria was an amazing supervisor who guided me through my research internship with a key interest in enabling me to grow both professionally and personally. Valeria was keen on enabling us, all the interns, to grow in areas we were interested in. She was keen on creating a work environment that was fun, that built relationships, and that was productive"

"[Valeria] is a professional who cares about people, listens to their thoughts and wishes, and always tries to find the middle ground. She is not just a professional who cares about work and what needs to be done but also about the well-being of the people she works with...She was willing to assist in any way she could. She never compromised her professionalism while making things easy for everyone. She is a very supportive, encouraging, and positive leader."

"Valeria is a brilliant communicator and a creative mind. She is always ready to support your work and to look for solutions…she is unrestless! In particular, she supported my organization in structuring the yearly international event Making the Change Happens, bringing many insights on how to raise the effectiveness of communications, how to increase the positive impact for the community of Ascoli Piceno and certainly her sharp contributions raised the level of attention of the attendees and of our international network"

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How does fractional leadership differ from traditional leadership roles?

Fractional leadership allows your organization to access high-level leadership expertise on a part-time basis. Valeria can serve in a fractional leadership capacity, providing strategic direction and oversight without the need for a full-time commitment.

What are the advantages of interim leadership, and when is it suitable?

Interim leadership is beneficial during transitional periods, such as leadership changes, new venture building or organizational restructuring. Valeria can step in temporarily, spearheading new initiatives or ensuring continuity.

Can Valeria assist in specific areas of consulting related to innovation and impact?

 Yes, Valeria specializes in consulting for purpose-driven transformative impact. Whether you need guidance on strategy, project development, or team dynamics, her consulting services are grounded in innovation, focused on outcomes and tailored to your needs.

How does Valeria approach team-building in an interim leadership role?

Valeria fosters a collaborative and empowering environment. In interim leadership, she focuses on aligning teams, building capacity that drive results and support individual and collective growth, creating a positive impact on the organization.

Is fractional leadership suitable for small or startup organizations?

Absolutely. Fractional leadership is adaptable to organizations of all sizes. Valeria’s expertise can be particularly valuable for startups, providing strategic direction without the full commitment of a full-time executive.

Can Valeria help in developing, Overseeing, and implementing innovative strategies?

Yes, Valeria excels in developing and implementing innovative strategies. Her leadership approach is geared towards driving innovation, solving challenges, and ensuring positive outcomes for society and your organization.

How does Valeria support the growth and well-being of team members?

Valeria is dedicated to fostering a supportive and growth-oriented work environment. Her leadership style emphasizes the well-being and professional development of team members, creating a safe, positive and productive atmosphere.

Is Valeria available for short-term consulting projects?

Yes, Valeria is available for short-term consulting projects. Whether you need assistance with a specific challenge or require strategic advice, her consulting services can be tailored to meet your project’s needs.

About Valeria

An interdisciplinary leader and social innovator

Valeria Duflot is a multicultural interdisciplinary leader and entrepreneur passionate about transforming our social and economic systems. With a track record of successfully identifying social problems and turning bold visions into reality, Valeria rapidly establishes human-centered solutions and organizations that empower communities on limited resources. She is a tech and media-savvy entrepreneur, adept at leveraging data, storytelling, experiences, platforms and community-driven systems thinking, integrated with behavior science, to drive results and enable impactful change. Valeria is a clear, attentive, and empathetic communicator, a talent enabler, serving as an advocate, educator, and advisor to diverse audiences, delivering engaging and inspiring learning and leadership experiences both remotely and in person.

Valeria Track Record

Valeria is a practitioner. The advice and insights she shares are grounded in experiences and a commitment to staying at the forefront of rapid change.

Her track record includes: two community-based social enterprises that became leaders in their respective niches within their first two years of operation, inspiring new practices and mindsets around the world; brands that inspired trust and engaged stakeholders from consumers to institutional partners to top-tier media; physical and digital platforms that delighted consumers and users while providing market access to creative entrepreneurs and redirected millions of euros towards a more local, sustainable, and social economy; hundreds of events and experiences that connected people to themselves and each other, making it to Rolling Stone and the cover story of National Geographic; engaging campaigns and stories that reached a distributed global audience of over 100 million; countless hours spent sharing knowledge and building capabilities to enable public policies, business practices, and organizational strategies that can deliver transformative change; consulting and advising for MSMEs to Fortune 500s; numerous collaborations and trusted relationships with leaders from grassroots to leading international organizations; and regular appearances in print and broadcast media, as well as on stages around the world.

More importantly, she made more mistakes than she can count, built more diverse and meaningful friendships than she would have ever thought possible, and learnt the power of fearlessly being our most authentic selves, finding courage in our vulnerabilities and relationships to unlock our purpose, embrace our true selves and step into our true power, both as people and as leaders.

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More about Valeria

Valeria is an audacious advocate for change and innovation, dedicated to advancing equitable and compassionate systems that prioritize well-being, human potential, and the environment. Drawing inspiration from her lived experience as a multicultural trauma survivor living with a disabling disease, her transformative work spans co-founding pioneering social enterprises, consulting for Fortune 50 companies, and engaging with international initiatives to inspire dreams, foster trust, and drive change in a rapidly evolving world.

Valeria's areas of expertise

Valeria Duflot is a versatile, future-forward innovator with expertise in social entrepreneurship, system transformation, human-centric approaches, and the convergence of tech, behavior, and communications. Her work fosters empathy, trust, and understanding while pushing the boundaries of the ordinary, showcasing a unique skill set that blends creativity, strategic thinking, and evidence-based approaches to unlock potential and enable impactful change.

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When you engage Valeria's services for speaking, workshops, advising, training, or on-demand leadership roles, you can anticipate an experience tailored to your needs and that inspires and empowers you and your stakeholders. Leveraging her diverse expertise, she excels in engaging audiences, sharing practical insights, and cultivating an environment that nurtures collaboration, drives results, and fosters transformative impact. Partner with Valeria to unlock collective and individual potential and achieve outstanding results. Get in touch today to discuss how she can support you and your project.

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