Tailored Guidance


Empower yourself, your team or beneficiaries to thrive, elevate their skills, and embrace their full potential through personalized strategic guidance and support. Valeria’s approach is anchored in the principles of coaching: she acts as an empowering and result-focused thought partner to help you solve your problems and unlock your potential. When relevant, she blends practical advice and guidance to maximize the impact of your work together.

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Tailored Support for Individuals or Teams

Leveraging her direct experience of founding organisations and designing her lifestyle , Valeria helps individuals and teams make a meaningful impact, reach their full potential, and lead lives of purpose and well-being. She serves as a trusted partner on your journey, drawing from her extensive learning and practical experience. Valeria’s approach includes personalized 1-to-1 coaching tailored to your unique needs and blends in other forms of support, such as practical advice. She maintains a limited number of clients at any given time to ensure you receive the quality and attention you deserve.


Engaging Goal Setting

You set goals together with Valeria to keep you engaged and committed. All goals are connected to the big picture. Accountability and flexibility are pillars of your work together.


Delivering Purposeful Feedback

Specific, timely, honest, and compassionate. These are the characteristics of the ongoing feedback you can expect from Valeria .


Consistent Support and Follow-up

You will never feel alone and lost again. Through your work with Valeria, you’ll have a partner to support you through your journey and make sure you stay on track.

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Example of Performance Oriented Goals
  • From Idea to Impact, turning an idea or vision into reality
  • Making the journey to Sustainable Impact
  • Scaling impact, creating transformational change

Keywords: Impact model, Business model, productivity, digitalisation, communication, marketing, strategy, innovation, sales

Example of Wellbeing Oriented Goals
  • Moving from a desire, an idea to a plan that fits your lifestyle and purpose
  • Enjoying the journey and achieving your full potential
  • Working towards the life you want: Purpose, productivity, lifestyle, balance and impact

Keywords: Lifestyle design, purpose definition, taking the leap, creating personal roadmap/objectives, productivity, adopting the right mindset

Building a Program for YOU and YOUR Goals

After an initial conversation, Valeria will work with you to create a coaching agreement that outlines your relationship and overall goals.

In each coaching session, she will collaboratively establish a session agreement with you, defining the session’s objectives and desired outcomes. These outcomes may include an action plan, a list of ideas, greater clarity, increased confidence, feeling empowered, and readiness to face challenges, among others.

When necessary, Valeria will incorporate advising and training elements into her coaching to enhance the overall impact of your work together.

 Organisational Focus

 Would you like a soundboard, and some help to level-up your work and grow your impact?

Marketing & Communication

Valeria helps you reach and engage the people who matter to you with the stories that matter to them to leverage the power of storytelling and grow your impact.

Digitalization & Tech

Valeria helps you understand the best way to transition your work online and leverage digital tech, so it serves you every day and enables you to make a bigger impact. Guaranteed adapted to your need and headache-free

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Strategy

Valeria helps you to create, develop, test and assess the models, strategies, programs and activities that will allow you to work towards making the difference you want to make in the world, sustainably, wherever you are starting from

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Personal Focus

Do You want to live life on your own terms, reach your potential and make an impact?

Lifestyle Design and Wellbeing

Valeria helps you to live on your own terms and to design a life that meets your own needs and aspirations (chronic pain patients, entrepreneurs, location independent…).

Productivity and Personal Growth

Valeria helps you to do more with your time, to develop new habits and guides and supports you through the steps to become the person you want to be.

Purpose and Mission Identification

Valeria helps you to find your purpose and mission, define who you inspire to become and identify the steps to get there.

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Promises and Guarantees

Dedicated to your success

Full confidentially

Everything you discuss will stay strictly between Valeria and yourself. She promises you full confidentiality.


If you are not fully satisfied with the results, just let Valeria know, and you will design a plan for you to get the value you paid for.

Need Help but Short on Cash?

Don’t pass on this opportunity, yet. There might be a way that we can work together.

Are you a member of a network, or the beneficiary of a funding or supporting organisation? Let them know where Valeria can bring value to you and your peers.

It’s easy, drop them a note and share the link below with them.
Alternatively, you can email Valeria and she’ll take it from there.

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Coaching Services

Taylored Private Coaching Sessions

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Intensive 1 on 1

What: 1 or 2 full-days of individual coaching followed with a follow-up call one week later and 6 months later.

Objective: Walk away with solid action steps and strategies you can implement immediately in your organisation.

Best if: You need focused help and feedback. Want punctual assessment, help and questioning from a tier. Do not need support or accountability partner

FREE Discovery Call

Package price on request

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Continuous 1 on 1

What: 8 weeks program made of fortnightly 90 minutes calls and twice-a-week written check-ins
Objective:  To reach a dedicated objective or milestone with the help of a sounding board and accountability partner
Best if: You are facing a roadblock, or working towards your next big milestone

FREE Discovery Call

Package price on request

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1 to 1 Coaching Package

What: 6 months or 1 year tailored one on one coaching delivered through fortnightly calls

Objective: Saving time, money and energy, stay focus and continuously make progress towards your goal
Best if: You want to unlock your full potential

FREE Discovery Call

Package price on request

Success Stories

"Valeria’s role to ensure ‘I am accountable’ for my actions and to challenge my thought process has moved my business from formulations to market-ready products in a much quicker span of time than expected."

Namitha Muthukrishnan, Founder

"Her business acumen and customer-first approach were crucial in identifying and defining my strategy and niche."

Amael Lounkokobi, Freelance Videographer

"She is an active and empathetic listener, knowing when to intervene and ask the right question or make a subtle suggestion that will allow me to overcome any obstacles or unhelpful thought patterns and to unlock my potential."

"Thanks to Valeria, who helped me to fine-tune the impact strategy, replication, and marketing strategy of our service, I now feel I know how to look at the service we offer from other angles."

"Valeria is unrestless and always ready to support your work and to look for solutions. She supported my organization in structuring the yearly international event, raising the level of attention of the attendees and our international network."

"Valeria is very supportive with creative ideas and thinking from different perspectives. She always leaves me with good intentions and a set of priorities and a big smile."

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!


Valeria can provide strategic support and guidance in English (Bilingual), French(Native) and Italian(Fluent). Let’s start the conversation today.


Both. It all depends on what’s the most adapted to meet your objectives and the needs of your target audience. Start the conversation today.


The content of Valeria’s coaching programs is entirely personalised to your needs. The format can be either set or custom-crafted.


Yes, absolutely. Let her know what you have in mind


Coaching: When Valeria coaches you, she enables you to solve problems or change things for the better

Consulting: When Valeria is your expert consultant, she comes as the “expert” who will solve your problem(s) for you

Get in touch with Valeria to explore how she can best help you today!


Yes, Valeria is available for project-based consulting and interim and fractional leadership roles in innovation, venture building and ecosystem building.

She specialises on outcome-focused work and can occasionally help execute towards targeted outputs if the help you need is part of the skills she excels at and something she feels like investing time in. Otherwise, she will happily recommend someone from her network when possible.

Unless formally agreed otherwise, execution comes at an extra cost to all coaching, expert consulting, and advising programs.

Want to explore how Valeria can help accelerate reaching your next milestone? Get in touch with her today!

About Valeria

An interdisciplinary leader and social innovator

Valeria Duflot is a multicultural interdisciplinary leader and entrepreneur passionate about transforming our social and economic systems. With a track record of successfully identifying social problems and turning bold visions into reality, Valeria rapidly establishes human-centered solutions and organizations that empower communities on limited resources. She is a tech and media-savvy entrepreneur, adept at leveraging data, storytelling, experiences, platforms and community-driven systems thinking, integrated with behavior science, to drive results and enable impactful change. Valeria is a clear, attentive, and empathetic communicator, a talent enabler, serving as an advocate, educator, and advisor to diverse audiences, delivering engaging and inspiring learning and leadership experiences both remotely and in person.

Valeria Track Record

Valeria is a practitioner. The advice and insights she shares are grounded in experiences and a commitment to staying at the forefront of rapid change.

Her track record includes: two community-based social enterprises that became leaders in their respective niches within their first two years of operation, inspiring new practices and mindsets around the world; brands that inspired trust and engaged stakeholders from consumers to institutional partners to top-tier media; physical and digital platforms that delighted consumers and users while providing market access to creative entrepreneurs and redirected millions of euros towards a more local, sustainable, and social economy; hundreds of events and experiences that connected people to themselves and each other, making it to Rolling Stone and the cover story of National Geographic; engaging campaigns and stories that reached a distributed global audience of over 100 million; countless hours spent sharing knowledge and building capabilities to enable public policies, business practices, and organizational strategies that can deliver transformative change; consulting and advising for MSMEs to Fortune 500s; numerous collaborations and trusted relationships with leaders from grassroots to leading international organizations; and regular appearances in print and broadcast media, as well as on stages around the world.

More importantly, she made more mistakes than she can count, built more diverse and meaningful friendships than she would have ever thought possible, and learnt the power of fearlessly being our most authentic selves, finding courage in our vulnerabilities and relationships to unlock our purpose, embrace our true selves and step into our true power, both as people and as leaders.

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More about Valeria

Valeria is an audacious advocate for change and innovation, dedicated to advancing equitable and compassionate systems that prioritize well-being, human potential, and the environment. Drawing inspiration from her lived experience as a multicultural trauma survivor living with a disabling disease, her transformative work spans co-founding pioneering social enterprises, consulting for Fortune 50 companies, and engaging with international initiatives to inspire dreams, foster trust, and drive change in a rapidly evolving world.

Valeria's areas of expertise

Valeria Duflot is a versatile, future-forward innovator with expertise in social entrepreneurship, system transformation, human-centric approaches, and the convergence of tech, behavior, and communications. Her work fosters empathy, trust, and understanding while pushing the boundaries of the ordinary, showcasing a unique skill set that blends creativity, strategic thinking, and evidence-based approaches to unlock potential and enable impactful change.

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When you engage Valeria's services for speaking, workshops, advising, training, or on-demand leadership roles, you can anticipate an experience tailored to your needs and that inspires and empowers you and your stakeholders. Leveraging her diverse expertise, she excels in engaging audiences, sharing practical insights, and cultivating an environment that nurtures collaboration, drives results, and fosters transformative impact. Partner with Valeria to unlock collective and individual potential and achieve outstanding results. Get in touch today to discuss how she can support you and your project.

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