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Building empowering platform ECOSYSTEMS to amplify ideas, inspire and enable action, and foster connection

Valeria is on a mission to enable everyone to live well, dream big, and participate in building a better world. Her entrepreneurial work especially focuses on inspiring and empowering people and facilitating the deep transformations, conversations, and connections needed to promote healing, thriving, and living well and happily on a healthy planet.

Currently in transition after co-founding two social enterprises that became benchmarks in their respective industries within two years of launch, Valeria is dedicating her time to supporting ambitious projects seeking to make a transformative impact.

Previously, Valeria envisioned and co-founded the award-winning social enterprise Venezia Autentica (VA) to fight against the displacement of Venice's local population by transforming tourism into a driver of inclusive and regenerative holistic development. VA has been recognized by experts and awards in tourism and economic transformation as a pioneering initiative and innovative new practice. Through a combination of social innovation, community-centric storytelling, and a digital platform connecting customers and community-based enterprises, VA has reached millions of people worldwide and accelerated the adoption of new behaviors, products, and mindsets in tourism in Venice while redirecting millions of euros to the local community and heritage.

Building on her experience in Venice, where the symptoms of the real impact of tourism are the most severe,  Valeria started Overtourism Solution (OTS), VA's dissemination arm. Through advocacy and knowledge-sharing, OTS has helped advance new practices, policies, mindsets, and patterns in tourism management worldwide. It has also informed new policies in the area of the social economy and proximity economy at the European level.

Before leveraging tourism to empower local communities and economies and help preserve and regenerate local heritages, Valeria co-started and established The Humming Tree (THT). THT was a Bangalore-based leading cultural incubator, performance, and community space that became a national benchmark within a year of operation by providing a platform and market access for social and cultural projects and conversations, as well as a safe space for marginalized communities.

After establising THT to the ranks of leading brand in the country, Valeria stepped down from THT to pursue other entrepreneurial projects. THT went on to exist for a total of six strong years until changes in policies forced all establishments providing live performances out of business.

Her past early-stage projects include Enkephalos (e-mental health) and Tribe (economic empowerment).

Additionaly, since 2012, Valeria has been running a small industry-agnostic consulting, advising and education practice focused on supporting creative and purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders. Find her services here.

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"We desperately need your voice."

Anna Pollock

Founder, Conscious Tourism

"The team and you have built one of the best brands and communities in the country! "

Varun Patra

Founder, Homegrown

[Venezia Autentica] is a beautiful example of loving our city and showing that by continuing to resist and produce in the city, it gives us back the life of Venice today and of the past above the tourist sadness in vogue.
Stefano Nicolao

Founder, Master Artisan, Nicolao Atelier

...But, wow, guys...does The Humming Tree not reinvigorate my belief in the profound impact of a few people's daringness to dream big and see those visions through.
Monica Dogra

Singer, Actress

Other Ventures

Between establishing her two industry-pioneering ventures, Valeria conceptualised, developed, and tested two additional startup concepts. These projects centred on enhancing Brain Health & Wellness and addressing Barriers to Entrepreneurship. They shared similar goals: to reinvent their user journey and experience by harnessing digital technologies to empower stakeholders, and amplify compelling narratives to reshape outdated mindsets. In both projects, the aim was to create a human-driven tech-enabled, interconnected ecosystem that would benefit all relevant stakeholders and reconfigure resources and power.
Despite comprehensive planning, research, modeling and promising traction, Valeria discontinued her investment in these projects to prioritise the establishment of VA due to the urgency of the social need.  She has since been drawning upon the knowledge, models, and experience gained from the early stages of "Enkephalos" and "Tribe" in her subsequent venture-building and advisory work.

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Boards, committees, and other leadership roles

Mobilising knowledge and energies to transform systems

Valeria supports the transformation of sectors and industries by co-organizing and -promoting leading ecosystem-building events. Additionally, she actively participates in policy-shaping and forward-thinking conversations that foster innovation.

Ecosystem-Building and Policy Engagements

Current and recent areas of engagements inlude: 

Code of conduct for data management and sharing in the social economy –  European Commission, Member of Drafting Committee/Special Group 

Energy Transition – EUSEW, European Commission, (Digital) Ambassador

AI and Social Economy – Social Good Accelerator, Think Tank Member

Social Innovation – Catalyst 2030, Board/Governing Council Member; Founding Co-chair Europe Chapter; Co-chair UN and Government Collaboration

Tourism Ecosystem’s Industrial Transformation – European Commission, Member of Stakeholder Groups (Green and Digital Transition) 

Social and Proximity Economy Ecosystem’s Industrial Transformation – European Commission, Member of Stakeholder Groups (Green and Digital Transition)  

European Union Social Economy Action Plan – European Commission, Member of Stakeholder Group

 Past areas of engagement:

Startup and Creative Economy- Construkt (Bangalore Startup Festival), Partner

Healthcare Innovation – Health Tech Forum, Co-Organizer

Scientific Literacy and Education – Plume! (Student Association for Scientific Popularisation), Co-organizer

Eldercare – Advocate

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Making Innovation, Entrepreneurship and the Economy more inclusive of diverse voices

Valeria helps make the path to work, entrepreneurship and innovation more inclusive and build the case for diversity in the economy. She serves as a strategic advisor and sits on the committees and boards of ambitious organizations that aim to build the business case for diversity and support entrepreneurs of all kinds working for the common good.


Current engagements include:

DEI’s business case – Diversity Economics Institute, Advisory Council Member

Youth Social Entrepreneurship – UN SDSN Youth, Member of Selection Committees (Investment Readiness Program and Pitch competition) and mentor

Women Social Entrepreneurship – Empower’her, Member of Selection Committee and coach

Social Innovation – Catalyst 2030, Board/Governing Council Member; Founding Co-chair Europe Chapter; Co-chair UN and Government Collaboration

Social Entrepreneurship for Disability Inclusion – Zero Project Impact Transfer,  Strategic Advisor

There is no doubt that Valeria is one of the most remarkable members of Catalyst 2030! Her proactivity, positive leadership and incredible capacity to build teams and facilitate them to achieve their goals, just makes her a role model for this global network of social entrepreneurs! It is a real pleasure to work with Valeria, her ability to connect with people, make them feel included and heard and get the best of each one of them is just inspiring. Her level of commitment is outstanding, and she has the great capacity to be involved in multiple initiatives of the network and successfully help them achieve their objectives. Looking forward to keep working closely with Valeria! We are really lucky to have her as a Catalyst 2030 member, her contribution to this network has been impressive! 

Susana Ramirez

Catalyst 2030

About Valeria

An interdisciplinary leader and social innovator

Valeria Duflot is a multicultural interdisciplinary leader and entrepreneur passionate about transforming our social and economic systems. With a track record of successfully identifying social problems and turning bold visions into reality, Valeria rapidly establishes human-centered solutions and organizations that empower communities on limited resources. She is a tech and media-savvy entrepreneur, adept at leveraging data, storytelling, experiences, platforms and community-driven systems thinking, integrated with behavior science, to drive results and enable impactful change. Valeria is a clear, attentive, and empathetic communicator, a talent enabler, serving as an advocate, educator, and advisor to diverse audiences, delivering engaging and inspiring learning and leadership experiences both remotely and in person.

Valeria Track Record

Valeria is a practitioner. The advice and insights she shares are grounded in experiences and a commitment to staying at the forefront of rapid change.

Her track record includes: two community-based social enterprises that became leaders in their respective niches within their first two years of operation, inspiring new practices and mindsets around the world; brands that inspired trust and engaged stakeholders from consumers to institutional partners to top-tier media; physical and digital platforms that delighted consumers and users while providing market access to creative entrepreneurs and redirected millions of euros towards a more local, sustainable, and social economy; hundreds of events and experiences that connected people to themselves and each other, making it to Rolling Stone and the cover story of National Geographic; engaging campaigns and stories that reached a distributed global audience of over 100 million; countless hours spent sharing knowledge and building capabilities to enable public policies, business practices, and organizational strategies that can deliver transformative change; consulting and advising for MSMEs to Fortune 500s; numerous collaborations and trusted relationships with leaders from grassroots to leading international organizations; and regular appearances in print and broadcast media, as well as on stages around the world.

More importantly, she made more mistakes than she can count, built more diverse and meaningful friendships than she would have ever thought possible, and learnt the power of fearlessly being our most authentic selves, finding courage in our vulnerabilities and relationships to unlock our purpose, embrace our true selves and step into our true power, both as people and as leaders.

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More about Valeria

Valeria is an audacious advocate for change and innovation, dedicated to advancing equitable and compassionate systems that prioritize well-being, human potential, and the environment. Drawing inspiration from her lived experience as a multicultural trauma survivor living with a disabling disease, her transformative work spans co-founding pioneering social enterprises, consulting for Fortune 50 companies, and engaging with international initiatives to inspire dreams, foster trust, and drive change in a rapidly evolving world.

Valeria's areas of expertise

Valeria Duflot is a versatile, future-forward innovator with expertise in social entrepreneurship, system transformation, human-centric approaches, and the convergence of tech, behavior, and communications. Her work fosters empathy, trust, and understanding while pushing the boundaries of the ordinary, showcasing a unique skill set that blends creativity, strategic thinking, and evidence-based approaches to unlock potential and enable impactful change.

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