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Valeria specializes in creating and supporting immersive learning-by-doing experiences that ignite her audience’s passion for continuous growth and equip them with the tools and confidence for impact and succes


Empowering Changemakers: Partner with Valeria for Next-Level Impact Education

Partner with an active practitioner, recognized for her work in various fields, and committed to equipping future and established changemakers with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to take their impact to the next level. Valeria’s approach is rooted in a deep understanding of real-world challenges, continuous learning, and a passion for enhancing participation and creating positive change.


Insights from Real-World Experience

Valeria is not just an educator; she is an active practitioner who continually evolves with the industry. Students benefit from her current insights, expansive network, and her commitment to empowering them to unlock their potential. She can equip them with not just knowledge but also the practical tools and strategies they need to make a difference in the world, bridging the gap between academic theories and their practical applications.


Tailored to your audience

Valeria understands that each institution and program is unique. Her training sessions are tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of schools and universities, professional lifelong learning initiatives, and innovation programs. Whether it’s a single session or a long-term project, Valeria provides the flexibility and adaptability necessary for optimal results, ensuring a customized learning experience that aligns seamlessly with the goals of the institution and the program participants.


Constantly top rated by students and participants

Participants in Valeria’s workshops and trainings consistently agree: they leave feeling inspired, equipped, and empowered to make bold steps. Her proven track record of working with organizations like Ashoka, the European Commission, the UN, and TBS Business School makes her an ideal fit for your program. Collaborate with Valeria to drive transformative change in your institution today.

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Valeria’s Unique Expertise

In search of a facilitator, expert, or judge with a unique blend of experiences and proven impact? Valeria stands out, having built, led, and collaborated on initiatives across various sectors, showcasing a track record for facilitating deep transformations and connections.

With a diverse background in science, business, and social innovation, Valeria draws from a broad base of knowledge and experiences. From founding transformative enterprises to crafting platforms and campaigns reaching millions, shaping public policies, forming partnerships with world-leading institutions, and making appearances on global media networks, she brings a wealth of experience to your program. Elevate your academic or entrepreneurial initiative with Valeria’s rich expertise.

When seeking someone to inspire your team, students, or organization, a trusted, experienced partner is essential. With a decade of experience in teaching and facilitation roles, Valeria brings a versatile skillset, a proven track record, and a deep passion for education to your institution.

Ready to infuse your program with expertise and inspiration? Collaborate with Valeria to drive transformative change in your institution today. Let’s elevate your academic or entrepreneurial journey together.

Taylored Content

Interactive Lectures

Workshops and Trainings

Judging and Evaluation

Mentoring and Coaching

Curriculum development

Highlighted Expertises, Experiences and Focuses


Social Entrepreneurship and Business Model Innovation

Social and System Innovation, from Early Stage to Impact at Scale

Modelling, Inspiring, and Enabling Bold Dreams, Narratives, and Actions

Crafting and leading the execution of strategies, cultures, and operations that centre and promote inclusion and the wellbeing of individuals, communities, and society

Building a sense of belonging; Fostering Engagement, Agency, and Empowerment

Crafting and Implementing Future-Forward Impact, Business, Communication, and Digital Strategies

Evidence-based decision-making: Research, Data, Lean innovation, and Impact Measurement

Leverating Brain and Behaviour Sciences applied to strategies, design, management, and communications

Digital Transformation and Tech for Good

Storytelling, Communication, Marketing, PR, Branding

Building Trust and Mobilising Energy, Resources, and Talents

Enabling Productivity, Efficiency, and Self-Management

Building Communities, Platforms, Ecosystems, and Networks

Relationship Building, Multistakeholder Engagement, Stakeholder Empowerment, and Talent Development

Varied Industry and Issue Experiences

(Digital) Health and Wellness

Inclusion and Equity

Sciences, Technology, and Education

Sustainability and Energy

Economic Transformation & Empowerment

Tourism and Hospitality

Culture and Arts

Social Economy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

Neurosciences, Cognition, and Behavioural science

Design Principles

Aligning Values and Results; Unifying Conflicting Agendas

Unlocking the Power of Diversity 

Enabling Individual and Collective Action and Intelligence

Promoting Understanding, Empathy, Engagement, and Creativity

Leveraging Lean and Systemic Innovation

Leveraging (Tech-Enabled) Human-Centric Design

Fostering Mindset, Behavior, and Market Changes

Developing User and Community-Centered Strategies

Designing Empowering Ecosystems and Platforms

Centering Data-Driven and Evidence-Based Decision-Making

Designing for Large-Scale Impact

Leveraging Tech and Automation to Delight Users, Maximize Reach, Impact, and Decrease Costs

Areas of Focus

Economic Transformation

Inclusive and Sustainable Business

(Social) Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Sustainable and Regenerative Development

Digital Transformation

Systems Thinking and Practice

Individual and Collective Empowerment

Multistakeholder Engagement and Collaboration

Trust-Based Relationships and Communications

Mindset and Behavior Change

Market and Industry Transformation

Learning Experiences That Transform Audiences

Valeria designs and delivers learning experiences that leave students inspired and equipped to apply their learning in the world. She has a knack for creating environments that engage students and professionals alike, fostering creativity and promoting active learning. Her approach prioritizes real-world applications, like the Entrepreneurship Strategy Business Game she designed for TBS Business School, where students learn by doing with real cases, team projects, and pitch sessions. The result? Learning that sticks, skills that get used, and people that feel engaged and valued.


A balance between theory and lessons learnt from practice


 A learning-by-doing focus balancing team work and individual reflection.

Optimized for results

Enhancing learning by preserving autonomy and Initiative and guiding through Coaching and Mentoring

Real Life Fun: Cases & Games

Participants discover real-life cases and engage in games designed to help build their soft and hard skills

Support and Feedback

Specific, timely and compassionate throughout the experience and during final presentations


Outcome: An amplified toolkit of increased confidence, tested methodologies and enabling mindsets

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Promises and Guarantees

A tailored, fun and easy experience that leaves a mark

Tailored to your needs

Understanding that each organization and team is unique, Valeria customizes her teaching and facilitation to suit specific needs and objectives. Whether you need a guest lecturer for a single session or a facilitator for a long-term project, she provides the flexibility and adaptability needed for optimal results.

Multidisciplinary Experience for a Comprehensive Education

With her background in entrepreneurship, social innovation, management, and sciences, Valeria offers a multidisciplinary approach to teaching. This approach brings unique insights that stimulate critical thinking and create a broader understanding of the subject matter. With Valeria, you’re not just getting a teacher; you’re getting an educator who is an expert and has been in the field, understands the complexities, and knows how to navigate them.

No Fluff – Rooted in Theory and Practice

Valeria is not just a professional guest speaker, trainer, and facilitator; she is an active practitioner who continually evolves with the industry. Students and participants benefit from her current insights, expansive network, and commitment to teaching the next generation of change-makers and helping leaders reach their next level of impact. She equips them with not just knowledge but also the practical tools and strategies they need to make a difference in the world..

Global Influence and Broad Network

Through her work, Valeria has developed an extensive network that spans sectors, industries, and geographies. From her collaboration with the UN on SDGs to her teaching roles in European and American universities, her broad and diverse experience can enrich your program with global best practices and the latest trends.

Looking for more?

Don’t let your participants feel alone in between trainings

Valeria also serves as a coach, mentor, advisor, consultant. Learn more about how she could provide continued support to your audience and get in touch with her here.

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Success Stories

"This was very interesting! It really helped me change my vision of social innovation and allowed me to better understand how a real project is being built!"

Bachelor Student

"I really enjoyed your sessions on systems change and ecosystem mapping. You came across as a genuine educator. Your material resonated most with my team’s work"

Participants in an innovation program

"Thanks for these 2 days, it was a really interesting and relevant module. It will really help us with our project. You are a great teacher who knows how to capture and maintain our attention and make learning interesting and fun through projects and exchanges between peers. I have learnt a lot."

"Thank you for sharing your experience today. It was really inspiring!"

“Working with Valeria is so pleasant. She is very profesional, passionated and full of energy and creativity! And most important: she is able to easily transmit all of it to the audience. I am looking forward to working with you again..”

“Valeria is one of the best workshops facilitators I’ve ever worked with. She invents motivating, intelligent challenges full of sense, she delivers face to face or online with the same energy and kindness.”

Frequently Asked Questions

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Valeria can present and facilitate in English (Bilingual), French (Native) and Italian (Fluent). Let’s start the conversation today.


Both. It all depends on what’s the most adapted to meet your objectives and the needs of your target audience. Start the conversation today.

Can Valeria customize her speeches and discussions to align with our event theme?

 Absolutely! Valeria takes the time to understand your event objectives, theme, and target audience. She tailors her content and discussions to ensure they align with your specific requirements, creating a seamless integration and an engaging experience for your audience. Let’s start the conversation today.


Yes, absolutely. Let her know what you have in mind.

About Valeria

An interdisciplinary leader and social innovator

Valeria Duflot is a multicultural interdisciplinary leader and entrepreneur passionate about transforming our social and economic systems. With a track record of successfully identifying social problems and turning bold visions into reality, Valeria rapidly establishes human-centered solutions and organizations that empower communities on limited resources. She is a tech and media-savvy entrepreneur, adept at leveraging data, storytelling, experiences, platforms and community-driven systems thinking, integrated with behavior science, to drive results and enable impactful change. Valeria is a clear, attentive, and empathetic communicator, a talent enabler, serving as an advocate, educator, and advisor to diverse audiences, delivering engaging and inspiring learning and leadership experiences both remotely and in person.

Valeria Track Record

Valeria is a practitioner. The advice and insights she shares are grounded in experiences and a commitment to staying at the forefront of rapid change.

Her track record includes: two community-based social enterprises that became leaders in their respective niches within their first two years of operation, inspiring new practices and mindsets around the world; brands that inspired trust and engaged stakeholders from consumers to institutional partners to top-tier media; physical and digital platforms that delighted consumers and users while providing market access to creative entrepreneurs and redirected millions of euros towards a more local, sustainable, and social economy; hundreds of events and experiences that connected people to themselves and each other, making it to Rolling Stone and the cover story of National Geographic; engaging campaigns and stories that reached a distributed global audience of over 100 million; countless hours spent sharing knowledge and building capabilities to enable public policies, business practices, and organizational strategies that can deliver transformative change; consulting and advising for MSMEs to Fortune 500s; numerous collaborations and trusted relationships with leaders from grassroots to leading international organizations; and regular appearances in print and broadcast media, as well as on stages around the world.

More importantly, she made more mistakes than she can count, built more diverse and meaningful friendships than she would have ever thought possible, and learnt the power of fearlessly being our most authentic selves, finding courage in our vulnerabilities and relationships to unlock our purpose, embrace our true selves and step into our true power, both as people and as leaders.

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More about Valeria

Valeria is an audacious advocate for change and innovation, dedicated to advancing equitable and compassionate systems that prioritize well-being, human potential, and the environment. Drawing inspiration from her lived experience as a multicultural trauma survivor living with a disabling disease, her transformative work spans co-founding pioneering social enterprises, consulting for Fortune 50 companies, and engaging with international initiatives to inspire dreams, foster trust, and drive change in a rapidly evolving world.

Valeria's areas of expertise

Valeria Duflot is a versatile, future-forward innovator with expertise in social entrepreneurship, system transformation, human-centric approaches, and the convergence of tech, behavior, and communications. Her work fosters empathy, trust, and understanding while pushing the boundaries of the ordinary, showcasing a unique skill set that blends creativity, strategic thinking, and evidence-based approaches to unlock potential and enable impactful change.

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When you engage Valeria's services for speaking, workshops, advising, training, or on-demand leadership roles, you can anticipate an experience tailored to your needs and that inspires and empowers you and your stakeholders. Leveraging her diverse expertise, she excels in engaging audiences, sharing practical insights, and cultivating an environment that nurtures collaboration, drives results, and fosters transformative impact. Partner with Valeria to unlock collective and individual potential and achieve outstanding results. Get in touch today to discuss how she can support you and your project.

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