What remains

In the end, all that’s left is memories and how we have impacted the world around us.

We too often get caught up in the small things in our lives that do not matter in the grand scheme of things.

Time is our most valuable currency. It goes away. It cannot be retained, and it is the one thing we will never get back. As time is counted, we better spend it wisely to build our only real legacy: the memories we shared with others and how we left the path we have walked. Have we made things better for a moment or a lifetime for the people we cross paths, our communities, or even our beautiful rich threatened world? Or have we walked lonely, consuming, and using everyone and everything to be right, to forge our empty “success”?

To some, it might be stressful to think that we can’t get time back. However, the good news is that we can always make amends for when we have been unfair, caused hurt and damages. No matter how much later. It is never too late.

We must leave out our egos and individualism, grow, improve ourselves to reach the people around us deliberately. It is by standing up and showing up for the people, beings, and causes we care about that we build a life worth living and remembering.

In the end, it is what is left: the people that we have touched, the lives we have changed and influenced.

Life is beautiful. The ephemerality of time is beautiful. Even as it escapes us and we have less now than before you started to read my words, as long as we didn’t run out of time, we can still use it to act in ways that will be felt long after we are gone.

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Hi! I am an entrepreneur, social innovator, sustainability advocate, tech4good practitioner, as well as a speaker and advisor. I have chosen to dedicate my life to making a positive impact by inventing solutions to our biggest challenges and helping others be successful at achieving their mission. I love tech & innovation and work to build a fairer and more sustainable world. You can follow me on twitter at Valeria Duflot (@DuflotValeria), connect on Linkedin and learn more about me and my work at: valeriaduflot.com

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