The game of blame is a weak but dangerous one, especially when the player is the leader of the United States and the stakes the health of the world.

Trump withdrawal of US fundings to the WHO – at a unprecedented time of public health crisis- is highly disappointing, even coming from the man. Not only does it deprive an essential multilateral organization from its biggest donation, digging a whole in its budget, and potentially hindering its crucial operations but it also sets a grave precedent.

What kind of world can we expect to live in if World Leaders can pull out, unpunished, from international efforts at a time when global solidarity is needed the most and for no reason other than protecting their ego and ballots?

The challenge that remains ahead of us is much greater than the COVID19 pandemic, it is a question of survival of any known living being.

The accountability of political leaders towards the people they serve is something that needs to be addressed now more than ever. A broken system led us to the brink of extinction. If we want to survive the climate crisis, we need government leaders that privilege the common good over easy political gain. Not from the next election cycle, but from now.

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