Trust Predictability

Trust is one of the biggest moving forces in our world. Without trust, our society would not function.

According to Robin Dreeke, one of the 6th ever heads of the behavioural science unit of the FBI, trust is a matter of predictability.

We can trust people when we can predict their behaviour.

The expert of human behaviours writes in his book that the key to determining how people will act is to learn what they think is in their best interest. According to him, there is something we are consistently trying to do: to get what we want.

Thus, it is when we understand what people are striving for that we can anticipate how they will act.

Similarly, the key to a successful relationship is that each party sees in their own interest to behave predictably with their counterpart.

As the agent says, there are many other contributors to trust, but understanding the intentions of others is critical.

The importance of predictability in the creation of relationships might not feel like the breakthrough of the century; it might even seem to be common sense. And maybe it is. But as “many of us hand out our trust like candy,” something which is, to use the words of Dreeke, “very unwise,” it is well worth the reminder.

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