Towards a new accounting of Human progresses

This is a reflection I added in a document destined to be read by the United Nations and member states, coauthored by the members of the coalition Catalyst2030 and making the case for collaboration between multilaterals, governments and social entrepreneurs. It is such a central issue I thought I’d share it here and elaborate on it in a future post.

Adopting and codesigning new performance indicators and accounting systems.

Many of the systemic issues we face today stem from the use of the wrong indicators to measure humanity progresses.

New indicators are needed to help steer the behaviour of all systems actors in the direction of the SDGs.

With their understanding of the root causes of the social or environmental problem they tackle, social entrepreneurs are ideally help elect and adopt new universal indicators and ensure that costs and performances include social,  environmental and economic dimensions.

Please excuse typos, repeats, or any non-sense. My riffs are unedited outpouring of words written in one sitting to explore thoughts that were volunteering to be developed.

I am a 30 something learning to explore my thoughts daily by typing them on a keyboard. I write about what I observe, learn and ponder. You can expect to read about change and love, as we all need a better self and world to live in as much as we need to take the time to appreciate the gift and journey of life.

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