We are fighting a war. A war against an invisible, but real enemy.

An enemy that we all share, and that we can only defeat together.

The enemy is fast, adaptable. It is everywhere. It moves faster than us.

But for the first time in modern History, the enemy is common to everyone and we have the means to defeat it.

If there is something we have learned from our History, it is how unity, shared interests and common efforts are keys to global peace and success.

Trauma, memories and our refusal to reproduce some of the darkest events humankind has known, sparked the creation of remarkable examples of collaboration beyond nations. Collective creations that have elevated humanity.

We birthed multilateral organizations that place common goals before individual pursuit like the United Nations and the European Union.

To protect ourselves from oblivion, states also created military alliances; structures which I hope will only ever serve for intimidation.

Although strong of these alliances, today, we stand divided.

If the enemy had weapons and the name of a nation we would know how to combat it. We would unite, work as one. There would be only technical questions on how to approach it.

Now, when we should be all joining forces, it seems that instead we are looking for enemies within our own army.

Now that there is no precedent, no existing mechanism to leverage and that the enemy knows no flags, no nation, it seems that we could be forgetting the biggest lesson of all. It seems that we could be ignoring the hardest learned moral of our History, at a time when it has never been more relevant:

It is together that we win or together that we loose.

There is no way in between.

There is no I in team.

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