Everything relies on trust. Everything.

Take a typical day, from the moment we switch on the light to the one we rest our head on the pillow, we take everything for granted.

We trust that water and electricity will flow because we have paid our bills, that the food we eat won’t be poisoned, that when we buy something online even from anonymous people in a faraway land, it will reach our doorstep, or that the person we paid for a service will show up and will be good.

By default, we trust. We trust that our parents, friends, partners, and even people we don’t know will be good to us. We trust that what we trade money for will satisfy us.

When trust is breached, we feel disoriented, frustrated, cheated. We feel inside of us that something has changed and that it will take a considerable effort from both the offending party and ourselves to rebuild this trust.

One of the biggest precursors of success is, I believe, how we can inspire trust and be worthy of it. Whether it is professionally or personally, we must invest in cultivating and nurturing the faith people have in us. One good question to regularly ask ourselves might be: how will this action impact the trust that xxx have in me? Where xxx could be a friend, a parent, our customer, anyone, including ourselves.

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Hi! I am an entrepreneur, social innovator, sustainability advocate, tech4good practitioner, as well as a speaker and advisor. I have chosen to dedicate my life to making a positive impact by inventing solutions to our biggest challenges and helping others be successful at achieving their mission. I love tech & innovation and work to build a fairer and more sustainable world. You can follow me on twitter at Valeria Duflot (@DuflotValeria), connect on Linkedin and learn more about me and my work at:

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