The rise of authoritarianism in Europe is chilling.

The COVID19 crisis is only a few months old; state of emergencies are even younger and, yet, the World as we knew it has already changed dramatically.

In all crises, there are opportunities to be seized. In a world forced to transform, lie infinite possibilities of change and leadership.

Lately, I had developed a new mantra to motivate fellow social impact leaders: “The world will overcome it. The world will change. And it is in our power to make sure it is for the better. “

Although recognizing the risk for outcomes that nobody wishes to see become a reality, I had chosen to be positive. Indeed, there is no doubt that we will face profound social changes, and who better than the people and those who serve them to steer this revolution?

Our systems are visibly broken. They are bursting one after the other under a pressure for which they were not ready.

The good news is that we can fix them all if we work together. Or at least, so I believe.

I am not saying it would be easy. I am not saying it would be quick. I am just saying that it would be possible. It would be possible if we work together.

Now that we have no other choice than to contemplate the pieces of our systems falling apart, even the skeptics, even the cynics, can only admit that we can do better, that we must do better. How? Examples of solidarity, sacrifice, collaboration, and innovation remind us of the immense potential of these values.

But how can we embed the common good in our new systems if the freedom and agency of people and the leaders who genuinely serve them is taken away? How can the people who inform us, the organizations that take care of us and the leaders that see a better future seize opportunities, steer change if they are crushed by an omnipotent power who deemed them enemies?

I have the feeling that the biggest, most immediate threat to the future of the common good is the leadership in place and the interests that govern them.

We need a real democracy.

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