Sweet Open Mindedness

How many times do we think we know how things are?

Take cakes and desserts; for example, most of us know the basics of baking. If I ask you what the central ingredients of most cakes, biscuits or other sugary delicacies are, the chances are high that you will give me an answer.

Have you ever considered that this answer may not be the answer, but rather one of the many answers?

In the west, for example, the vast majority of our sweets are made using eggs. This ingredient is widespread in our affluent society and commonly accepted in our traditional omnivorous diets.

However, on the gigantic, traditionally vegetarian Indian subcontinent, the traditional sweets ever hardly include eggs.

Now you tell me. If the recipes of the sweets enjoyed by over 1 billion people do not include eggs and that yours do, is your way to make them still the right way? or is it just one of many ways we are blessed to experience?

Please excuse typos, repeats, or any non-sense. My riffs are unedited outpouring of words written in one sitting to explore thoughts that were volunteering to be developed.

I am a 30 something learning to explore my thoughts daily by typing them on a keyboard. I write about what I observe, learn and ponder. You can expect to read about change and love, as we all need a better self and world to live in as much as we need to take the time to appreciate the gift and journey of life.

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