This 2 minutes read will help you become better at selling online

With these 3 simple tips as compasses,

you will be well on your way to get noticed, build a trusted brand and convince your customers online.

Unlike during in-person sales, when selling online, it is often neither possible nor desirable to lead an interview first to discover the needs of your prospect and then answer her or his objections to lead to a deal.

Picking a prospective costumer’s interest, inspiring trust and convincing her or him has to be done mainly via a carefully crafted online presence and digital marketing and sale systems.

I believe that to be successful at it, there are three pillars that no business owner can overlook. The online world is evolving continually and rapidly, but these three tips should last all trends!

Get yourself noticed: be social where your customer is

Understand who your customers are and make a point to be present on the social media where they spend time.

For instance, somebody who targets affluent boomers should probably invest on Facebook while if you are looking to touch generation Z, you might want to look at Snapchat.

Another important thing is not to try to be everywhere; it is better to kill it on one social media rather than being average on 10 of them.

Inspire trust: at all time and everywhere, dress your brand for success

Understand what your business is and create an online presence which reflects your value and mission, is coherent, active and consistent to inspire trust.

Incomplete or dead social media profiles, messy websites might be looking to your costumers like you do not care enough about what you do, so why should they?

Here again, the more is not always the better. Focus on what you can do and don’t overload yourself as it would undoubtedly backlash.

Be desirable: sale happiness not features

When you pitch your message to your audience, I’d recommend focusing on the benefits your costumers will draw from using your product or service rather than technical details.

The tech you use, even if you are proud of it and have all the reasons to be is, hardly, what will compel people to buy from you.

It is if prospective costumers can picture themselves being happier thanks to your product or service that you will be sure to close the sale.


In the digital world like in the physical one, selling is a mix of technique, practice, and art. The customer is king, and the only way to win him over is to appear on his radar and then inspire both trust and lust.

Being focused and consistent on the right social platform, ensuring that the entirety of your online presence reflects positively on your brand and being clear about how your products can benefit your customers are the 3 pillars of a successful online strategy.

In an extremely competitive landscape, business owners able to build brand awareness, trustworthiness, and desirability by getting their online presence right create themselves a significant unfair advantage over an, often, not savvy enough sea of competitors.

What are you waiting for? Follow these three simple tips to start improving the way you sell online, today.

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