Until recently, many believed that the training of the mind was the sole responsibility of parents and schools. That once we reached working age, this chapter was behind us. But there was, as there always has been, exceptions.

From Bill Gates who regularly self isolate in his cabin for a week of binging on books, to Waren Buffet who reportedly has been reading 2 hours a day for decades, the highly successful demonstrate the importance of feeding the mind, of broadening our ways of thinking and seeing the world.

Countless are the biographies and interviews of successful people who point out the breadth of their knowledge, often acquired through daily reading, as their biggest competitive advantage.

The world of today has never been holding and sharing more information.

It is a wonderful era when long gone is the time that only the rich could afford an education.

The ubiquitous availability of affordable or even free quality content removes almost all barriers to knowledge.

The variety of topics and formats is constantly growing. It can satisfy everyone’s interests, curiosities; it can fit all learning abilities and preferences.

For the people lucky enough to have a stable internet connection and to speak one of the main world’s languages, the challenge is no longer to access materials.

It is handling the noise of our modern lives, find discipline, learn to commit.

Innitialy led by influencers and innovators, the lifelong self education movement is  a trend that has been growing for over a decade and should undoubtedly be accelerating through the COVID19 Pandemic.

As self-isolation is clearing people’s agenda, withdrawing synchronizers – such as alarms set to reach the office on time- from their lives and leaving them with more time to occupy as they wish, I anticipate that once we come out of this crisis more people than ever will have taken a liking for freedom, personal development, and self-accountability.

I eagerly await to see the consequences of this new realization -en masse- that our worlds are broader than we are often led to feel. I eagerly wait to see what will happen when more people learn to be the boss of their own time and the headmaster of their own academy.

There is no doubt that continued universal education is necessary in our continuously fast-changing world. In our irreversibly changed world.

Let’s see what happens when millions at a time realize it and take ownership of their own education to shape their own life, to shape the world they live in.

Revolutions have often been linked to either knowledge or production.

I can’t wait to see the impact of the massification of independence that this massive empowerment provides. I can’t wait to see the product of a society where more people have increased access to knowledge and both the thirst and discipline to take advantage of it.

At a time, where we are all looking for a purpose, at a time when we are always more aware of the massive challenges ahead of us, that we are all testimony to the shortcomings of ou system, I can’t wait to see how millions of people simultaneously learning to broaden their world will apply their new knowledge and work to impact our society.

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