When the mind is peaceful and quiet, it looks like a beautiful blue sky. A sky, occasionaly clouded with some thoughts, that we are able to contemplate, acknowledge and forget.

At times, however, our sky feels crowded with more thoughts than we seem able to let go off. Thoughts that if labeled would demonstrate to be mainly negative ideas or feelings.

When we end up focusing our attention on a dark cloud, chance is high that -just like a magnet- this focus attracts more clouds to our mind, to our inner world. This might lead us to feel that we are dwelling in an obscure fog.

However seemingly dark, the blue sky is still there. It is only hidden from our sight by the veil of preoccupation, stress and worries.

There are moments in our lives where we spend more time than we wished in a storm. Crisis, that shake our world and let us feeling overwhelmed.

Cultivating mindfulness, self awareness is an excellent way to protect our wellbeing and the ones of the people around us. Like we feed and train the body to be stronger, more flexible and resilient as we seek a long, healthy, rewarding life, we can train our minds.

Just like pilots, we can navigate life more easily when the sky is clear. The ride is occasionally bumpy, we encounter turbulences, but we are still able to reach our destination safely.

There are moments of course when fastening our seatbelts and reliying on our training, experience and confidence is not enough. There are moments when it is safer to stay to the ground and ask for help to weather the storm

For all the other moments, we have the power, in us, to take back control, bring clarity to our journey by bursting the dark thoughts as they come, before they accumulate and cloud our inner world.

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