Remembering Ndakasi

This story is a loving and sobering tribute to a gorilla who became famous for a selfie posted with her care taker a few years ago, her fellow orphans and the people who care for them.

The images used by Brent Stirton, whether in photographs or words, share the intimacy and reality of the only orphanage for mountain gorilla in the world. The moving loving relationships between apes and humans that the author has seen developed for 14 years are a testament to the fact that animals are closer to us than we as a society want to believe.

A beautiful story of love, dedication and sacrifice; and an invitation to rethink our place in the natural world.

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Ndakasi the mountain gorilla passes away in her caregiver’s arms after a prolonged illness on September 26, 2021. Andre Bauma and others at the Senkwekwe Mountain Gorilla Center have cared for Ndakasi and other orphans for the last 14 years. Photo credits: Brent Stirton
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