Are you reliable?

Honestly, are you?

Reliability is one of the most critical components to trust. Whether it is at home or at work, if we have the possibility to choose, we pair and partner with people we judge reliable. We create long-lasting relationships with the few persons we know won’t disappoint us. In the opposite case, we seek to limit the depth of our relationships.

But what is reliability? According to Xx, this critical quality is a combination of two factors: capacity and dependability.

In other words, reliability is a factor of being both able to do something and the fact of actually doing it.

Looking back, I see that as much as would rather it not to be true I have sometimes lacked reliability. I have made promises on which I didn’t deliver. Not because I was not capable of delivering but because I did no have the bandwidth to do so but still thought I would.

Learning not to overcommit is one area where I have committed to improve. What about you? How are you working to become more reliable?

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