NESCTouR Conference – The debrief

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It was SO good to finally be in a room with friends from all #Europe this week!

We’re now almost in #Venice and fully energised to keep on working together to accelerate the #transformation of #tourism.

Here are a few takeaways from yesterday’s closing session:

A new question to ask ourselves:

“We have the frameworks. […] Now, how can we be honest with ourselves regarding our bareers and understand how we can create the enabling environment to reach these great goals that we all share?”
Jeremy Sampson of The Travel Foundation and @Future of Tourism

A new mindset to adopt:

To facilitate #climateaction in #tourism [and I believe all transformative changes] we must “look at the cobenefits”
Jeremy Smith of Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency

A hopeful note grounded in an important reminder:

#covid19 will not end #tourism but it might help us to rethink and make it better”. To get there we must be “human oriented, not on paper but it practice”
Ljubica Cvelbar

Thanks NECSTouR and Tirol for bringing us together and for the amazing experience and hospitality! See you all soon!

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