Some people believe that their life is like it is.

They believe that they cannot change their circumstances, create something bigger, live the life of their dreams. They are defeated and resigned.

They are disempowered by events that are not in their favor.

I, on my end, believe that life is a gift and living it to the most, a responsibility.

On the later science agrees with me.

Modern-day scientists calculated the probability of us being born.

We had 1 in 10 ^ 2,640,000 chance to be alive.

As put by Dr. Ali Binazir from Havard, the author of this study, “The odds that you exist at all are basically zero.”

Now, what are the odds not only to be alive but to be alive here and now when and where we’ve never been safer and more empowered?

We have the incredible luck to be alive, the infinite power to use the one life we have on this planet to make it worthy of us being the winners of this incredible lottery, to make mother nature proud.

Challenges will keep on coming, but I shall not rest.
I should keep on learning, growing, turning obstacles into opportunities because dreams materialize, miracles happen. I have infinite power. I, you, all of us are proof that miracles exist. And with great power comes great responsibility.

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