Launching, a website to save the venetians

I’m happy to annouce that we recently launched our website: Providing informations about the authentic Venice to an international audience, this website is an extension of the work we’ve been doing online since october 2015 and which is now followed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media by an engaged community of close to 15 000 followers.

‘Venice is more than an open museum, Venice is the city of the venetians, a city of an incredible heritage and of a still, somehow, vibrant present. Sadly, today, Venice is at threat, at threat posed by mass tourism, but we refuse to give up.’

Venezia Autentica, project and objectives for the future of Venice

Our mission: saving the venetians

Venezia Autentica is our attempt at ‘saving Venice’ by saving the venetians, leveraging the international attention and love for the city.

Our proposal: making tourism a leverage for local growth

We propose an alternative to mass tourism in Venice, making it easy for travellers to enjoy a more meaningful & authentic experience of the city while making a positive impact on the local environment, community and economy.

How are we proceeding?


►Get the real Venice to be known and understood by the broadest audience possible (to impact the general perception of Venice and the way people treat the city)
►Make it easy for people to support Venice and the venetians (to impact the local economy and community)
►Improving the quality of tourism and the relationship local-visitors (to impact the quality of life in Venice as well as the previously mentioned elements)


►Our website, launched in September 2016 :
►Our Social Media, Launched in October 2015: In particular our Facebook page, which is very active

This website is our attempt at ‘saving Venice’ by saving the venetians, by ensuring them a future in their city.

To do so, we need you, as saving Venice is a huge bet which can be won only if it involves all the people who have the city at heart.

Browse this website, share it, use it when you’re around, help spread the word that in Venice there is so much to be celebrated, protected, kept alive. Help save the city of the venetians by eating, drinking, shopping local.

Together we can change things. Together we can ensure a bright future to the venetians and therefore their city. It has just all started. Let’s do it, shall we?

We’re counting on you!

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