Idea vs. Execution

One of the main things that being an entrepreneur teaches you is the importance of execution and of turning ideas into reality.

You see, with over 7 billion people sharing the world we live in, the likeliness for our thoughts and ideas to be unique is very remote.

If you don’t believe me, I strongly encourage you to see it for yourself. It is easy and humbling. A good way to do so and assess the uniqueness of your thought is to make a habit of systematically researching online the new idea you have.

A swift Google search is highly likely to return results that make you realize that someone else already has had your same breakthrough. In fact, that you can see it by questioning the internet says something more. It means that this stranger not only already has had your idea, but she also has done something about it.

This is indeed where a determining difference lies between the entrepreneur and most people. Many souls can have a brilliant idea, even a revolutionary one sometime in the course of their lifetime, but how many do act on it?

At the end of the day, only a few do transform an idea into reality. And this is where your opportunity is and where you must dare to be different.

It is by being one of the few who act and bring their thoughts to life that you can make – through your hard work and carefully crafted vision – something that is truly yours and unique.

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