In the idiom, rats famously abandon the sinking ship.

When we refer to this saying, we often deem this beautiful, smart and social rodent as disloyal and unworthy of trust for fleeing.

Isn’t abandoning the ship before it sinks the smartest thing to do?

But what if, we misjudged the rat? What if we were missing the real point?

It certainly takes much more honesty, sense of responsibility and courage than we traditionally attach to the action of giving up to save oneself from a doomed situation.

It seems to me indeed that in relationships like in business, when the water starts to become hostile, it is still easier to stay than go.

Leaving, giving up is terrifying.

However, how good is it really to sacrifice ourselves in an enterprise that is doomed, to a cause that serves no one?

Who is to be trusted, the rat that saves his life and potentially the ones of his pack or the captain that never leaves the ship and sacrifices his community’s future and his own chance to try again and build a better life?

Maybe we are just jealous of the rat, after all, as the rat does know when it is time to leave and is courageous enough to swim away from the sinking ship indeed.

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