Getting from crisis to systems change

In order to help leaders build back better after covid19, we co-created a document in a collective effort never seen before.

I am beyond proud to be a member of the coalition of social entrepreneurs Catalyst 2030. We are working together to reach the SDGs by 2030.

I am proud to have contributed my learning and the ones of Venezia Autentica and Overtourism Solution to our report launched on July 8th:  “Getting from crisis to systems change: Advice for leaders In the time of COVID” .

The document is the result of three months of productive collaborative co-creation by more than 1,600 organisations lead by Catalyst 2030 members.

The document itself is a quick read, followed with abundant annexures diving into individual issues roadmaps, such as health, climate, and the transformation of tourism for example. 

The main goals of the report are:

-to make the case for collaborations across sectors and with social entrepreneurs to transform our systems and reach the SDGs 

-to share social entrepreneurs’ proven solutions and policy recommendations garnered from their experience on the ground

Welcoming our report during a live online fireside chat, the UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina J Mohammed said she would take our proposals seriously and make it a priority to collaborate more effectively with social entrepreneurs. “We need to find a robust partnership with Catalyst 2030; an agenda together that is co-created,” she said enthusiastically. Exciting, isn’t it?

You can view the report here.

I am a 30 something learning to explore my thoughts daily by typing them on a keyboard. I write about what I observe, learn and ponder. You can expect to read about change and love, as we all need a better self and world to live in as much as we need to take the time to appreciate the gift and journey of life.

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