Ecosystems Expert at the European Social Innovation Competition

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I’m happy and humbled to participate in the European Social Innovation Competition to help early-stage social entrepreneurs develop their #socialinnovation skills and strengthen their projects.

I’m sharing the systems thinking and practice tools, mindsets and methodologies that others have shared with me earlier on my journey, together with our experience using them to work towards transforming the impact of tourism at the community level and globally.

It is exciting and humbling to look back and see how much we’ve learnt in the past few years and to be able to contribute to the journey of 60 changemakers. Two sessions done, one to go. See you in September!

Thanks a ton European CommissionEuclid Network (EN)Ashoka
NestaGOPA Com. for having me!

I am a 30 something learning to explore my thoughts daily by typing them on a keyboard. I write about what I observe, learn and ponder. You can expect to read about change and love, as we all need a better self and world to live in as much as we need to take the time to appreciate the gift and journey of life.

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