Access to the relevant knowledge and resources at the right time might be the greatest accelerator of entrepreneurial success.

Other entrepreneurs, in particular, might be the best shortcut to these essential parts of the founder’s toolkit.

Whether they are coaches, mentors, or peers, people who have been through what we are launching ourselves into have a wealth of helpful information and experiences to share.

Through a simple conversation, they can distill years of hard learnt lessons and save us a mountain of time and effort. They can be the difference between failure and success. Who are you talking with these days?

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Hi! I am an entrepreneur, social innovator, sustainability advocate, tech4good practitioner, as well as a speaker and advisor. I have chosen to dedicate my life to making a positive impact by inventing solutions to our biggest challenges and helping others be successful at achieving their mission. I love tech & innovation and work to build a fairer and more sustainable world. You can follow me on twitter at Valeria Duflot (@DuflotValeria), connect on Linkedin and learn more about me and my work at:

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