A reflection on World Tourism Day 2021

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A few years ago, the role of #tourism in my life and my role in tourism have changed forever.

In a short time, I went from being a world traveler, to being part of one of the communities the most negatively affected by mass tourism (#Venice), to later joining the ranks of those who innovate to #transform the sector into a force for good.

Today, more than ever, I am convinced that our industry is one of the most tangible tools we have to heal our world and build equitable, green and prosperous societies where #people, places, cultures and the #planet truly flourish. And, this vision has never felt more attainable.

Last week, I had the blessing to attend and participate in an amazing convening of actors of tourism #transformation (Thanks, NECSTouR). We asked ourselves: is the sector too focused on going back to how things used to be?
Will we really deliver on the #buildbackbetter pledges?

My belief is that most people and organisations will, understandably, focus on making up for the lost months and revenue.
However, I can also tell you that the ones of us who are determined to enact change are only getting started.

With the drive of our shared vision, the power of our combined experiences, learning, brains and hearts, and our thirst for action and determination to collaborate, we will make it happen.
We will catalyze the transformation of tourism into the driver of sustainable and regenerative development, we all want it to be- and we will have fun in the process.

Today is #Worldtourismday2021, a day where the United Nations invite us to celebrate tourism and to shine the light on its potential to foster inclusive growth.

I believe the current focus on growth to be the root of the extractive nature of Tourism today and prefer to focus on impact and shared benefit. But allow me to share my pledge, anyway.

For the following year, through our upcoming network Tourism Allies, myself, my team and our growing tribe of allies will keep on working to contribute to the growing:
– inclusion of the people who are the most impacted by tourism at the table.
– movement for collaboration, learning and innovation in the sector

Our goal will be to foster collective action to help make the use of new impact-focused KPIs, models, policies and mindsets the norm by 2030.

If this sounds like something you’d like to know more about, shoot me a note!

I look forward to an exciting year of innovation, collaboration and impact ahead!
Happy World Tourism Day!

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