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I regularly take part in conversations at online and offline policy, industry and community events, as well as on the small screen. At times, they are formal, others not. Sometimes I have a good hair day and a nice background, sometimes only one of these two things, and when I have none, it gets on Getty Images. Joke apart, I speak to help inform, stimulate new conversations and change mindsets. My favourite topics are sustainable, social and regenerative systems, economies, development and innovation.

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I am an avid consumer of audio content. Occasionally, I get behind the mic and share my thoughts and insights on shows -live or recorded – of Broadcasting Corporations worldwide (CBC, BBC, ABC, Swedish Radio…)  and on podcasts. I’m also working to bring new content to your earbuds. Stay tuned!

Upcoming Podcast Series

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Podcast Episodes (section in development)

An incomplete list of English speaking podcasts where I appeared

4: A Tale of Three Cities: Rethinking Tourism | Common Ground

Podcast Episode Description:

How can we deal with cities getting..too popular? From Amsterdam and Dubrovnik to Venice, in this episode we head to the European cities whose intense footfall is tangibly affecting the quality of their tourism – and the lives of residents. We meet Geerte Udo from amsterdam&partners, deputy mayor of Dubrovnik Jelka Tepsic and Valeria Duflot who heads up Venezia Autentica: three women tackling overcrowding head on, using tactics such as crowd dispersal, branding, technology and tourist taxes, to name a few. Plus: a glance at overtourism post-pandemic, Toposophy’s report on overcrowding for the Pacific Asia Travel Association (the first of its kind on this topic), and a sit-down with Toposophy’s head of insights, Peter Jordan.


An introduction to making businesses a force for good with Valeria Duflot | Enterprise Radio

Podcast Episode Description:

Valeria Duflot the Co-founder of Venezia Autentica a social impact startup based in Venice, Italy joins Enterprise Radio to discuss making businesses a force for good.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Valeria Duflot discuss the following:

  1. Could you please give us a quick introduction on what you mean by business as a force for good?
  2. You run a social business yourself could you tell us more about it? What is the social challenge you identified and how you are trying to fix it?
  3. What are the components you think are essential to the success of a for-profit social enterprise?
  4. What are the most important lessons you have learned with Venezia Autentica and your previous ventures and initiatives?
  5. You believe conscious businesses are the future? Why are they important?

124: Tourism for Sustainable Economic Development | Sustainable the Podcast

Podcast Episode Description:

Join Valeria Duflot, co-founder of Venezia Autentica to discover: The impact of unsustainable tourism on the local economy; The difference between “day tourism” and “conscious tourism”; How tourism can be a vehicle for sustainable economic development; The need for social enterprise to balance money and mission; Why the right partnerships are key to a successful social enterprise.


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Coaching, workshop facilitation and public speaking are some of my favourite ways to empower others but I'm highly adaptable, creative and love innovation.

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Of course. I love to design and facilitate programs that help you and your audience meet your objectives.

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Yes, I am. If this is the right fit, of course.

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My experience leveraging digital tech and media, community and ecosystem building, marketing and communication, stakeholder engagement and the principles and practice of social innovation and entrepreneurship, collaborative and distributed management, systems thinking and lean and agile methodologies are precious allies to help deliver on your targets.

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