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Book review: Heal me by Julia Buckley

This is a personal review of the book Heal Me: In Search of a Cure by Julia Buckley. "A brutally honest, darkly funny and profoundly moving memoir about the author's global search for a cure to chronic pain." You can buy Heal me at your local bookstore  or online on or...

Jul 2018 / Posted by valeria
My top 9 of the best technologies to facilitate social impact

This post is an answer to the question originally published on Quora The internet, probably the most important technological innovation in the last century, has triggered great social innovations. What kind of technologies will trigger the next social innovations? I believe that what triggers social innovation is not technology but...

Jun 2018 / Posted by valeria
Our website about Venice, is now live
Launching, a website to save the venetians

I’m happy to annouce that we recently launched our website: Providing informations about the authentic Venice to an international audience, this website is an extension of the work we’ve been doing online since october 2015 and which is now followed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media by an engaged...

Oct 2016 / Posted by valeria
What Migraine Taught Me – Life Lesson #1

Jun 2015 / Posted by valeria
“Ladies and gentlemen, that’s what we do with people with mental illness”

Apr 2015 / Posted by valeria