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ENABLING Transformation and Innovation


Highlighted Expertises, Experiences and Focuses


Social Entrepreneurship and Business Model Innovation

Social and System Innovation, from Early Stage to Impact at Scale

Modelling, Inspiring, and Enabling Bold Dreams, Narratives, and Actions

Crafting and leading the execution of strategies, cultures, and operations that centre and promote inclusion and the wellbeing of individuals, communities, and society

Building a sense of belonging; Fostering Engagement, Agency, and Empowerment

Crafting and Implementing Future-Forward Impact, Business, Communication, and Digital Strategies

Evidence-based decision-making: Research, Data, Lean innovation, and Impact Measurement

Leverating Brain and Behaviour Sciences applied to strategies, design, management, and communications

Digital Transformation and Tech for Good

Storytelling, Communication, Marketing, PR, Branding

Building Trust and Mobilising Energy, Resources, and Talents

Enabling Productivity, Efficiency, and Self-Management

Building Communities, Platforms, Ecosystems, and Networks

Relationship Building, Multistakeholder Engagement, Stakeholder Empowerment, and Talent Development

Varied Industry and Issue Experiences

(Digital) Health and Wellness

Inclusion and Equity

Sciences, Technology, and Education

Sustainability and Energy

Economic Transformation & Empowerment

Tourism and Hospitality

Culture and Arts

Social Economy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

Neurosciences, Cognition, and Behavioural science

Design Principles

Aligning Values and Results; Unifying Conflicting Agendas

Unlocking the Power of Diversity 

Enabling Individual and Collective Action and Intelligence

Promoting Understanding, Empathy, Engagement, and Creativity

Leveraging Lean and Systemic Innovation

Leveraging (Tech-Enabled) Human-Centric Design

Fostering Mindset, Behavior, and Market Changes

Developing User and Community-Centered Strategies

Designing Empowering Ecosystems and Platforms

Centering Data-Driven and Evidence-Based Decision-Making

Designing for Large-Scale Impact

Leveraging Tech and Automation to Delight Users, Maximize Reach, Impact, and Decrease Costs

Areas of Focus

Economic Transformation

Inclusive and Sustainable Business

(Social) Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Sustainable and Regenerative Development

Digital Transformation

Systems Thinking and Practice

Individual and Collective Empowerment

Multistakeholder Engagement and Collaboration

Trust-Based Relationships and Communications

Mindset and Behavior Change

Market and Industry Transformation


Authentic Brands

Brands that stand for clear values, foster trust between stakeholders and create a sense of belonging, pride and shared identity


Inspiring Narratives

Narratives and cultures that reinvent success, enable new mindsets and inspire new behaviors


Empowering Platforms

Platforms that empower stakeholders, enable new behaviors, bridge competing needs and reconfigure power and resource flow


Meaningful Experiences

Experiences that connect people to themselves and others and generate joy, meaning and impact


Community- Centric Practices

Practices and policies that learn from and answer the needs of the people most impacted by the state of their systems

Inspiring and Enabling Change through 5 pillars 

With a global perspective, frontline experience, and a track record of turning visions into results, Valeria is a creative advocate for transformative change.

She innovates across cultures, geographies, industries, and business models, articulating her work around five pillars.

Whether she envisions or supports new ways of doing and thinking, her goal is to facilitate the deep transformations, conversations, and connections needed to promote healing, thriving, and living well and happily on a healthy planet.

As an innovator, her typical approach to addressing social and environmental problems involves showing people a new reality, expanding their worldview, inspiring them to adopt new behaviors, and making it easy and enjoyable for them to take action.

To achieve this, she employs impactful community-centric storytelling, creates meaningful and joyful experiences, and develops empowering platforms, relationships, and ecosystems that create value for all stakeholders.

Valeria excels in cultivating trust-based relationships and crafting forward-thinking communication, impact, business, and digital strategies, all grounded in a deep understanding of behavior, data, and attentive listening. She uses these skills to create user-centric innovations and to implement systems thinking for impactful change.

I constantly refresh and expand my future-ready toolkit in order to help drive behaviour, market and mindset changes and foster organisational, community and individual well-being and development.

Valeria Duflot

Promoting Future-Forward Cultures and Strategies that Center People’s Needs

Valeria is a multifaceted leader and guide with a vast range of skills, experiences, and mental models. As a trained scientist and manager in both tech and social innovation, she is constantly experimenting. She stays on the pulse of rapid societal, communication, and technological changes.Valeria is a lifelong student of the brain, human physiology, behaviors, and conditions. She is committed to seeing the people behind the ‘stakeholder’ and listening deeply to them.

Valeria specialises in crafting and enacting cultures and strategies that maximise results, impact and foster long-term individual and collective creativity and well-being

 The foundation of Valeria approaches lies in centering the needs of the end-user, reconciling competing agendas, and mobilizing and cultivate energies and talents. In doing so, she harnesses the power of technology, social innovation, communication, fun, and human connection. Through her work, Valeria aims to redefine success, reinvent power, change resource flow, and elevate compassion, creating a ripple of impact, meaning, well-being, and joy for all.

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Strategies and Cultures that promote Innovation, Connection, Wellbeing and Equity
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Platforms, Experiences and Communications that Inspire and Empower


Leading from Values and Shaping the Future

With over a decade of experience starting and running her own organisations, Valeria turn ideas into reality. She not only envisions change but also executes and leads it.
With qualities such as positivity, bravery, and authenticity, she wholeheartedly embraces the power of human connection, creativity, and curiosity. She leads with non-judgment, resilience, and vulnerability, nurturing deep relationships, reconciling agendas, and orchestrating positive change for clients, partners, and communities.

 As an experienced team leader and talent developer, she’s adept at building teams ranging from 2 to 50+ individuals, bridging functions, cultures, locations, and a diverse range of abilities. Living with an invisible disabling disease, she builds cultures that harness the power of diversity and promote the well-being of all.

While navigating the complexities of shaping the future, she fearlessly tackles challenging decisions, guided by her value-driven conviction, deep listening, continuous multidisciplinary learning, and a profound sense of responsibility.

Valeria boasts a diverse and active network and has a talent for creating secure, innovative work environments that foster trust and unlock individual and collective potential. She is known for her positivity, warm and energetic presence, her ability to nurture long-term authentic relationships, and her knack for connecting with a wide range of people and worlds while fostering understanding and creating value for all parties involved.

Being an out-of-the-box thinker, Valeria achieves results by tapping into her creative and rigorous mind. She blends imagination with technical and analytical skills to develop strategies, cultures, and systems that make navigating complexity feel smooth and easy.

Recognizing the fluidity of roles and experiences, she approaches challenges with a playful spirit, staying committed to the “why” while remaining unattached to the “how.” In all she does, she maintains a steadfast commitment to curiosity, values, nature, and people.

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Methodologies and Approaches

Valeria builds and amplifies user-centric and friendly platforms that foster ideas, drive action, and nurture connections. Her methods are grounded in real-life experiences, active listening, and a robust theoretical foundation. These strategies harness the power of digital transformation, storytelling, and human connection. They draw on a desire to understand and elevate human potential and a commitment to a blend of design principles that encompass human-centeredness, lean innovation, agile management, collective intelligence, distributed action, and systems thinking. These approaches are data-enabled, result-focused, community-centric, and value-driven. They integrate insights from neuroscience and behavior science. They create space for both play and connection while upholding principles of justice, equity, and empathy.


Valeria draws upon her background in tech and social innovation management, brain and behavior sciences, business analytics and sales, along with her expertise in marketing, communication, digital technology, and community building. She uses this knowledge to create and support forward-thinking strategies, cultures, policies, experiences, and practices that not only drive results but also promote wellbeing, playfulness, and joy.


By nurturing a culture of collective intelligence, learning, fun, wellbeing, accountability, and stakeholder satisfaction, Valeria harnesses the potential of safe and experimental spaces to unleash talent and creativity, enabling maximized results and impact. Accustomed to being on stage since the tender age of 5 years old and with a love for mentoring and coaching, Valeria is equally at ease in the limelight as she is in the shadow. In fact, witnessing people unlock and realize their potential is one of the things that brings her the greatest joy.

Steadfast Values

With an unwavering commitment to leading positive change, empowering others, and a knack for navigating complexity, Valeria champions a future that thrives on creativity, ethics, resilience, and inclusion.

In all she does, she remains firmly anchored in ethical principles and champions audacity, transparency, and inclusion, understanding that true leadership involves service to multiple stakeholders, building trust even among skeptics, elevating new voices and talents, and making choices that impact the greater good

Tackling issues at their roots through evidence-based systems thinking

As a trained biologist and a systems thinker, Valeria believes that everything is connected, and nothing exists in isolation.

For this reason, she seeks to approach all challenges with a holistic perspective, whether it's about unlocking your potential, turning your vision into reality, increasing your sales, enhancing your wellbeing, or expanding your impact.

Valeria also emphasizes the importance of measuring and analyzing what we seek to understand and improve. She consistently advocates for evidence-based decision-making and aims to simplify the process of collecting and analyzing data to genuinely empower you in achieving your objectives.

Finally, whether through advising, coaching, speaking, or teaching, she is committed to providing purposeful feedback. This means offering feedback that is specific, timely, and compassionate.

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