Crowdsourcing the Dialogue on Mental Health

04 April 2015 / By valeria / Blog,Uncategorized

Mental Health, as a part of everyone’s health and life, is a topic which deserves more attention and thoughtfulness that what it currently receives. When it comes to speaking about the health & well-being of the mind, most of us find themselves uncomfortable at least, judgmental often.

People living with Mental Health issues make up for 1/4 people of the total population, everywhere you are reading this from. The absence of dialogue and understanding of such a central part of everyone’s life, generates a high level of stigma at every level of our societies, which in return makes the work of the patients, caregivers, healthcare professionals, civil societies, and everyone fighting to change things much more complicated. And, most of all, it makes the lives of the people dealing with mental illness even harder.

I’m working on a project aiming at creating an open dialogue about the health & well-being of the mind. I’d like you to help me, if you wish. Everyone is concerned. Everyone has ideas which matter.

So if you feel like, please share here with me and everyone opening this document, what you’d like to say or see discussed about Mental Health. You’re free to leave your name or not.

Thanks for you help!

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