Consulting & Advising

Who is it for and how does it work?

I am here to help:

  • Small business owners, Early stage startup founders, and leaders taking the digital world seriously but needing a hand at unleashing its full potential
  • The early stage social entrepreneurs working on making the world a better place and wanted a head start, an ‘I’ve been there, here’s what to do’ companion to maximize their impact and success.

We meet at least 1 hour per week, at your dedicated time, and over an online call, to discuss where you are and how to achieve your objectives. Expect ‘real talk’, actionable insights and recommendations and a lot of pointers and tips to help you build your desired outcome with the minimum friction possible.

If you need hands-on help, let me know, I might be able to help myself or recommend the right contractor.

Your objective: to digitalize your business, to build a reputation online and create new opportunities leveraging digital technologies and new media

►If you are an individual, a small business or a startup founder, I can help you create a brand and online presence which reflects your values and inspire trust and leadership, and help you craft your marketing and sale strategy from content to leads conversion and retention.

Come to me especially if you want to make your personal or company’s brand noticed, trusted and desired without finding yourself overwhelmed by the task.

Keywords: strategy, social media marketing, digital marketing, e-mail marketing, web design, UX, identity building, branding, reputation building, social listening, PR, leadership, influence, automation, social selling, consultative selling, product design, product development, project management, digital strategy, inbound marketing, paid marketing, copywriting

Your objective: to increase your impact and productivity by defining your vision, creating a realistic roadmap, building efficient processes and routine

►If you are a change-maker, I can help you build a sustainable business balancing money and impact, all the way from the idea stage to the acquisition and nurturing of your clients. I believe that the health and wellbeing of your business are highly dependent on yours and the one of your team. This is why on top of pure business coaching, I’ll provide you with personalized self-management, productivity, and personal growth insights.

Come to me if you are looking for honest feedbacks, helpful insights and a safe space to share the up and the downs of your change-maker early journey

Keywords: mission, vision, theory of change, strategy, impact, measurement, outcomes, product, service, program, marketing, triple bottom line, productivity, go to market strategy, marketing, sales, automation, branding, SDGs, tech

Probono opportunity for non for profits

►If you represent a non-for-profit struggling with something you believe I could help with, do get in touch with me. If I like your project and think I can bring value to it, I’ll provide you with 3 free sessions of coaching

Guest Lectures and Public Speaking

►If I can share some valuable lessons and tips with your audience, I will be happy to guest lecture at your school or speak at your event. Get in touch with me!

So you think I could help? Email me now because there is no better time: